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Music Review: Antioch Album: III: Wings and Warlocks


Label: Rapid Fire Records

Available: NOW

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Here is cool little band coming out of Canada I heard about from an email I received from their record label.  Antioch is no nonsense band that plays straight ahead heavy metal that resembles a bit of Manilla Road, NWOBHM and more currently a little bit of Visigoth.

With the opening track ‘Wings of Pterodactyl Fire’ the band is hitting on all cylinders both musically and vocally.  This song is a pure classic heavy metal song and should be a classic for the band as their career progresses.  It is fast, catchy and head banging great.  The next two songs, ‘Culling of Souls’ and ‘Forged in Light’ carry on along the same vein with a galloping or catchy riffs and traditional metal fist pumping action.

It is when we get to track four where the pace changes a bit with ‘The Stand of Time’.  The band REALLY slows down on this one.  I guess every album has to have a slow one it and this is it.  However, for me this track does nothing for me though there may be others who like it.

After this we are offered the song ‘Return of the Warlock’ which seems to have either a second vocalist, a guest vocalist or the main singer really has a DYNAMIC range because the vocals on this track are nothing like the previous tracks.  The vocals here hit very high pitch to more a guttural sound.  So this one is a bit different.

Overall, this is a great old school heavy metal album from a group of guys who get what old school heavy metal should be about and not just a band who records with an analog sound and think they are staying true.

Do yourself a favor and go to the band’s Bandcamp page and give them a listen and strap on your spiked glove and pump that fist high in the air!

Arkos released new video


Canadian Black/Death Metal band Arkos released their new video clip “Black Moon Ritual” from their album «Black Moon Ritual». The video was filmed by  “Pete Jonze Productions” in Québec.

The band was formed in 2014 at Sherbrooke, Québec. After releasing their first demo in 2015, the guys entered the studio and the result was their first album «Black Moon Ritual», that was released in March 2016.

Prepare for Battle! Folklore Metallers SCYTHIA Begin North American Tour Tomorrow


Tour Begins October 26 in Regina, SK, Canada


New Album Lineage out Now!

Canadian progressive/power folklore metallers SCYTHIA will kick off their fall conquest of North America tomorrow, October 26, in Regina, SK! The tour will hit several major U.S. and Canadian cities, coming to a close on November 19 in Edmonton, AB. This isn’t your average metal show, SCYTHIA‘s music – influenced by genres ranging from power metal to celtic folk and beyond – will take you on a mystical journey through time and far away lands!

Continue reading Prepare for Battle! Folklore Metallers SCYTHIA Begin North American Tour Tomorrow

Music Review: Infrared CD: No Peace



By: Scott Foster

Label: Independent

Available: March 25th, 2016

Official Websites




OK, so I’ve gotten a bit lazy writing reviews lately and was wondering how to motivate myself to get going again. Fortunately a review request came across my desk at an opportune moment. The promo video I was sent piqued my interest and I requested the full promo kit. As I listened I thought “Man, this band is doing classic metal right!” I opened the promo kit and read their summary and had a good laugh. Continue reading Music Review: Infrared CD: No Peace

Music Review: Shock CD: Forewarned


Available: November 14th, 2015

Label: Self released

Official sites:



Did you know Canada has more bands than just RUSH and Triumph?  It’s true they do!  Actually if you are reading this review or are familiar with metal at all you probably already know that.  What you may not know is that while Canada seems to be in the midst of a new wave of metal renaissance so to speak some of the nation’s older rockers have decided to join the ranks as grizzled veterans who had once retired but now have a good chance of being heard in the ever expanding digital world. Continue reading Music Review: Shock CD: Forewarned