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Music Review: IRON MAIDEN CD: Book of Souls


Available: NOW

Label: Warner Music

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Before I get started I want to thank Warner Music here in Finland for graciously sending me a promo copy of Book of Souls for review.  I really appreciate the fact they thought me worthy enough to review such an important music release and for sending me the deluxe version of the album for review.  Thank you for the show of good faith.

So here it is.  Five long years since the last release from Iron Maiden.  Whether you are the most loyal Maiden fan on the planet or the band’s most ardent hater, when Iron Maiden release a new album EVERYONE knows about it in some form or another.  The fact the metal community takes such notice and even news outlets from outside the metal genre give reports about the release can only mean good things for the metal community as a whole.  Continue reading Music Review: IRON MAIDEN CD: Book of Souls