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Los Angeles! See The First Four ‘Friday The 13th’ Films On The Big Screen!!!

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Love the Friday The 13th franchise? Live in Los Angeles? Come join me on Friday, September 13th at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica for a marathon of the first four films in the series! As you guys know, I’m very passionate about this franchise so I’m very excited to be hosting and doing intros for each of the 4 films. Continue reading Los Angeles! See The First Four ‘Friday The 13th’ Films On The Big Screen!!!




Well after being severely disappointed with the first V/H/S and how it totally squandered it’s super great idea I was a bit mixed on watching the sequel.  I still held hopes that the people behind the project could learn from the mistakes of the first and still build on the cool idea of strange occurrences that somehow has been recorded on lost VHS tapes that the public at large have not been exposed to.  Mostly to my satisfaction V/H/S comes through in clearing up the problems the first one had, though the magic of capturing the spirit of the unique idea the first one had kind of has been blown already.  So how did V/H/S  2 do overall?  Well don’t be kind and rewind this bitch because you may not be alive to do so!  Read on! Continue reading MOVIE REVIEW: V/H/S 2