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Bleed Someone Dry-“Post Mortem|Veritas” album purchasing

The Italian Deathcore metal band, Bleed Someone Dry have released a new album under the name of ”Post Mortem|Veritas”.


The album rules, so if you want to order this, check the links below and get one:



Also, for more informations, check the band’s facebook page:


Interview: Bleed Someone Dry

Interview with Alessio Bruni, the frontman of the Italian deathcore/djent metal band, Bleed Someone Dry. The band have released this year a new album under the name of “PostMortem |Veritas’’.

By Carla Morton

Greetings Alessio, how are you?
Hello Carla, very well, thank you! We are super excited for the release of the new album and the upcoming dates!


When did Bleed Someone Dry was founded?
The present formation of BSD is the same that created ”PostMortem |Veritas”, plays together since three years ago but the band has been active for much longer than that!

This year you have released the third album entitled ”Post Mortem/Veritas”. Tell me about it.
‘Postmortem | Veritas’ is a modern tale, based on a negatively pessimistic reality related to the current social context, analyzed through careful and meticulous observation, that only children are able to do. We tried to immerse ourselves in our daily reality but from the point of view of Aelia, a little girl of any given age of childhood, who asks questions related to adults common behavior , behavior which drives events and their on consequences. Through twelve points we imagined having to provide answers and explaining the ‘small’ issues that decide the unfolding of the regular things and society. At the same time we are honored to have been able to confront and work with great artists like Chris Donaldson, a very special person who provided a huge help in addition to his monstrous professionalism, Luca T. Mai of Zu and Mombu who honored us with his partnership and CJ of Thy Art Is Murder, a really helpful and nice guy who made a dream we had come true.

What can you tell me about the two other albums, ”The World Is Falling In Tradegy” and ”Subjects”?
As for the previous work “Subjects” and “The World is Falling in Tragedy” I can tell you briefly that they are two projects on which the current band worked only in part, 2/4 of us weren’t part of the band then and when they were composed. While twifit presents songs with strong trash influences, ”Subjects” had a crazy and distorted extreme sound. On the contrary in “PostMortem |Veritas” the sound features new musical styles and ideas. We tried not to lose our matrix “math” and incorporate it into a Modern Death, trying to create a dark and violent music scene . Personally, I am very satisfied!

What are the lyrical themes and who mainly writes the lyrics?
As for the songwriting, the instrumental part is composed by Jonny (guitarist) who brings each project in the studio where it is submitted to the band and discussed and changed at times, team work basically. As for the lyrics, I take care of them. Usually I let myself being inspired by my thoughts and what I want to talk about, then I create a theme and try to create a concept upon it in the more original way as possible.

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Album review: Bleed Someone Dry- ”PostMortem |Veritas”

By Carla Morton

Bleed Someone Dry is a Deathcore metal band from Italy. They have released their third full-length this year entitled PostMortem |Veritas.


The album contains 12 tracks: starts with Haeretica Infans and ends with the track Ora Pro Nobis. The album also contains two tracks: Our Martyrdom featuring CJ of Thy Art Is Murder and Ora Pro Nobis featuring Luca Mai of Mombu.

Not that I am into Deathcore so much, but Bleed Someone Dry’s album is acceptable.
I can say this album is also bit melodic and technical, and I say technical by what is the drummer doing on the  album, the guitar riffs are ok, the vocalist has a brutal voice fitting for a Deathcore band (heard other Deathcore bands but the vocalists just scream a lot and the music is not ok) ,on the track Let Me In he sings calm and same the song is melodic.
Lovers of Deathcore and TechDeath might like this band and their new album so they can give a try. Usually, not many underground bands satisfy me, but Bleed Someone Dry as said sounds pretty well, PostMortem |Veritas is an interesting album, go check the band and listen to the new album!


Haeretica Infans
A Violent Awakening
Damnetur Misericordia
The Sacrifice
Let Me In
Devil in Me
Our Martyrdom (feat. CJ of Thy Art Is Murder)
Your Name, Their Plague
Doom And Gloom
Justice Has Become Utopia
Cycle Of Decay
Ora Pro Nobis (feat. Luca T.Mai of Zu, Mombu)


What is WormHoleDeath?

By Carla Morton

What is WormHoleDeath? – WHD is an Italian record label, founded in 2007. It is not just a label, is same a film and publishing production.
Focusing on genres like: Hardcore, Modern, Death,Thrash, Heavy and Alternative you can find great bands that have signed with WHD from Europe and worldwide.


To start saying my opinion about this record label, maybe would take a lot but I’ll try make a summary. First I found out about this label from the Thrash/Sleaze band Tornado, one of my favorite bands, that they would sign with this label. In short time I got in touch with the manager, Carlo Bellotti, we talked, and since then I’ve seen what is for real WHD and what is he doing. I think that WHD is one of the best record labels seen until now, not saying this just because the manager helped me kind of, to interview at the begining some bands signed to WHD and for this I have to thanks him a lot , but he really works so hard for the bands, support them so much, he shows interest and he dedicates to his label and the bands that have signed with WHD, so it is just simply amazing, he is a great man in many ways.

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