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Video: Iranian Metal Project FROM THE VASTLAND Performs At Norway’s INFERNO Festival

Iranian one-man metal project FROM THE VASTLAND performed at the Inferno festival in Oslo, Norway this past Wednesday (March 27) by opening the Indie Recordings label night in support of MAN THE MACHETES, BLOOD TSUNAMI and ALTAAR. FROM THE VASTLAND mastermind Sina was backed up by none other than Thor Anders Myhren (MORBID ANGEL, MYRKSKOG, ZYKLON) on guitar, André Kvebek (PANTHEON I) on bass and Vegard Larsen (KEEP OF KALESSIN) on drums.

Video footage of FROM THE VASTLAND‘s performance can be seen below.

Indie Recordings has launched a new foundation aimed at giving recognition to bands that have defied oppression and governmental pressure to spread their music across the globe. The campaign’s first point of call will be to help out Sina by selling FROM THE VASTLAND‘s new album via Indie at Inferno.

A Norwegian-language video report can be seen at Aftenposten.no.

Simon Füllemann of Indie Recordings said in a statement: “After being approached by the makers of the upcoming black metal documentary ‘Blackhearts’, we decided to help out and try to make Sina‘s dream of playing at the Inferno festival in Oslo come true. We also decided to take it a step further and release his CD on Indie Recordings.

“It’s important to make a point and support artists like Sina. Therefore we founded the Freedom of Speech – Music Builds Bridges foundation where this project is the first we support. All profit from Freedom of Speech – Music Builds Bridges foundation will go to support Sina‘s art!”


BBC podcast/audio interview:

Movie Review: The Awakening

Movie Review: The Awakening

Director: Nick Murphy

By: TJ Fowler

I recently saw some blurbs around the internet for the British movie called The Awakening and after reading its description I thought it sounded interesting and so I decided I would give it a view and see what was being woke up.

So what did I find with The Awakening?  I found what seemed like a ghost story, wrapped in a psychological analysis story of the main character ,which was also wrapped in a multi-layered story that seemed at times would sink the movie with its effort to be too intellectual.  Amazingly, the film is not sunk by all the twists and turns that it presents to the viewer and I even found that one story angle the movie presented later in the film was really interesting and didn’t see it coming in any form. Continue reading Movie Review: The Awakening