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Concert Report: GWAR Nov. 18th; EXIT/IN Nashville, Tennessee

By: Melody Ryan


If you have heard of GWAR then I don’t need to explain much about how incredibly unique and disgustingly brilliant their shows are. This past week, the Scumdogs of the Universe, the extraterrestrial warriors known as GWAR, unleashed their fury of metal upon Nashville, TN at Exit/In. I would like to fast forward to a little bit after the show. So after enjoying a night of guitar-playing aliens, my boyfriend and I went out for pizza and drinks. We ended up having the following conversation with multiple groups of people. Continue reading Concert Report: GWAR Nov. 18th; EXIT/IN Nashville, Tennessee

Interview: No Bros

Interview with No Bros.

By Carla Morton

NoBros 2015_2 (1)

Hello to you Andi, how have you been?
Fine, thank you. Just had NoBros rehearsals 2 days ago, but back to the interview.

The band was founded around 1974 but you have joined No Bros in 2008.
I am a Band Member since 2014. There we startet to record some songs. That happened in Vienna, at Freddy Gigele´s Studio and my Homestudio. But I know Klaus, who is the head of No Bros for a long time and we worked on some projects in the past. And there I played also some gigs for No Bros and also three songs (in the studio) of this big „Schubert in Rock“ project. On this CD (and the concert) have been musicians like, Don Airey (Purple), Doogie White (Rainbow), Marc Storace (Krokus), Neil Murray (Whitesnake), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Malmsteen, Purple), Tony Martin (Black Sabbath), and so on.

Let’s talk about the new release, ”Metal Marines”.
Oh yes. The main work of the album happened in August this year. There we put all the songs together, played most of the studio tracks (guitars, bases, vocals, keyboards and so on…). Mixed it and sendet it for the final mix to the „planetm sound department“ studio. This is near Linz. Here also a big „thank you“ to Gery Moder and Martin Seimen. The Mastering of the Album was done by Robert Romagna.

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Interview: Ashes To Ashes

Interview about Ashes To Ashes with Wuky, the guitar player of the band.

By Carla Morton


Hi Wuky, how are you? 
I’m fine, thank you.

Tell me when Ashes To ashes was formed?
ATA was formed in 2010.

You have released in 2013 the album ”Borderline”. Tell me about it.
It’s been an awesome experience. We recorded the album at Westfall Rec. Company in NY where Anthony Lopardo and Ray Marte made a really good job, producing it. The sound of Borderline was just the first mix our music influences. A young but strong product. We have found now a peculiar and coherent sound. Borderline has been our way to get our own style. You’ll listen it in our outcoming album “Urania”.

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Music Review The Carburetors CD: Laughing In The Face Of Death

By: Callum (CJ) Lavender
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Available: 20th November 2015
Haven’t done a Steamhammer/SPV album for a while so lets check this out. A first time discovery of The Carburetors. I think the title of both the album and the songs gives a brief inside to what they are about.

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Interview: The Silent Rage

Interview with Stavros Tsil, bass player of the Greek metal band, The Silent Rage.

Interview by Carla Morton

The Silent Rage 2015elogo

Greetings Stavros, how things are going?
Hello Carla, things are going pretty well actually. We just finished the mastering of our upcoming debut album and we are already in contact with some labels to figure out a release plan. The feedback we received from the listening session was amazing!

When was The Silent Rage founded?
The band’s first line-up was created back in 2006.

You have released 2 EP’s until now, what can you tell me about them?
The self titled EP (2009) was the band’s introduction to the world, if we may say. It was actually the first solid line-up and it felt right to have this release. Since then a lot of changes took over, not only in the formation of the band but in our sound, too. So, on 2011 we thought that it was a good time to re-introduce the band and its evolution with our 2nd EP ‘Harvester Of Souls’, released the same day with our opening to the co-headline show of Rage and Grave Digger in Athens! For me this was the connecting link of the band’s early days to our new, more aggressive sound. Both releases received exceptionally good feedback by press and fans alike! This, (along with Nikos’ vision for the band) was what kept up alive despite the many difficulties and barriers we encountered.

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