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Interview Kalidia

An interview I had about Kalidia with the vocalist of the band, Nicoletta, a melodic metal band from Italy.


Hello to you Nicoletta and thank you for your time answering this interview. You’re the vocalist of Kalidia, an Italian Gothic metal band. When the band was founded?
Hi Carla, thank you so much for this interview. Kalidia born in late 2010 by an idea of me and Federico Paolini (guitars); we released a demo-EP called “Dance of the Four Winds” in 2012 and it was well-acclaimed. This result pushed us to compose new material and we released a full album (“Lies’ Device”) in 2014. During these years we shared the stage with many bands/artists like Rhapsody of Fire, DGM, Vision Divine, Timo Tolkki, Edu Falaschi, Kaledon, Silent Voices (feat. Members of Sonata Arctica).

You debuted in 2014 with ”Lies’ Device”. What feedback have you got for this album and how the recordings were going?
After the released of our demo-EP, we decided to do a full length; so we entered the “Eden Studios” and we recorded “Lies’ Device”, produced by Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine). We recorded that album in a friendly atmosphere and we learned a lot from Alex, it was a totally positive experience. The album was self-released in June 2014 and it received a great feedback, both from fans and webzines; we gained a cool fan-base from all over the world!

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Interview Moreor

Interview about Moreor with Eadha (vocals), metal band from France.


Hi Eadha, how are you?
Hi Carla, I’m fine, thanks for asking ! I went running this morning. I enjoy doing exercice before any kind of music-related activity. 😉

Tell me when Moreor was founded.
Moreor was founded in 2010. It took some time to find the right direction at first but we finally have the right line-up and the sound we expected.

”From North” is the first band release, an EP. Tell me about it.
“From North’’ from Sea contains 5 tracks that are very near and dear to my heart. I was just being concerned by the loss of a loved one (my grandmother) when we recorded it. The more I listen to the EP, the more I feel in the music the depth, the sadness and the revolt… Emotion is the most important thing in music according to me…

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Interview: Rome In Monochrome

Interview about Rome In Monochrone, a doom/dark metal band from Italy. Gianluca, the guitarist of the band, had the time to answer my interview.


Hi Gianluca, nice talking with you again. First time we had an interview about your first band Degenerhate, it looks like you are active in a second band aswell, Rome In Monochrome. When this band was formed?
Hi, my pleasure. RIM was born in 2013 as a solo project: I needed to explore a different approach to music, not so “straight and in your face”, you know. I had some sounds, had an instrumental piece and was trying to give them a form. I thought it would be cool to involve my friend Valerio (the vocalist at that time also guitarist) who was involved in To the End, Post Ghosts and Grn projects (slowcore, post metal, post rock in the same order) to have a different approach to songwriting, not so influenced by metal. He was glad to be in RIM and started to write lyrics and full songs. When we joined, we noticed that RIM had become a band, that we had a full repertoire and so recruited the other members.

You have debuted with ”Karma Anubis” last year, an EP. Tell me about it.
It’s a three songs EP available only in digital (we are looking for a label to release it physically, so contact us!), it’s psychedelic, dark, intimate and gentle but also cruel and hopeless. It’s a little universe and we love it.

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Japanese release date for The Way Of Purity album ”The Majesty of Your Becoming”

Japanese release date for ”The Majesty Of Your Becoming” of The Way Of Purity was set on 22nd of June.
The album is featuring members of Stielas Storhett, Libria, Underwell and produced by Jonathan Mazzeo and Lorenzo Guddemi.


Also, here you can read the review I made for the album, published on Antichrist metalzine: http://deadcenter666.com/antichrist/the-way-of-purity-album-review-the-majesty-of-your-becoming-by-carla-morton/



Interview Kilmara

Interview Kilmara, melodic metal band from Spain.


Hello Daniel, how are you? Introduce the band and when was it formed?
Cheers Carla! Doing great thanks. Kilmara are: Javi Morillo on drums, Didac Pla on bass, John Portillo and Kike Torres on guitars, and myself (Daniel Ponce) on vocals. The band was formed in the early 2000’s first as Jadde and then changed name to Kilmara.

 You guys are preparing a new album?
That’s right, we are currently working with our brand new line up on the composition of our next album which we will try to record by the end of this year with our friend and producer Roland Grapow.

Latest release of yours is ”Love Songs And Other Nightmares”. Talk about it a few things.
It was released in 2014 via Sony Music, and for the band, it was their second chance recording in Slovakia at Grapow studios with Roland at the helm. Truly an incredible experience! Also it has meant the greatest sales success for the band and from it, came Kilmara’s first ever professional video clip from the song Cold Rain. And also many of the bands live hits are from that album. So a really important record for us indeed…

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