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Interview: Omniversum

Interview with Tomas Ahlroos, vocalist of the Finnish metal band, Omniversum.


Thank you Tomas for this interview. Please introduce Omniversum and when did the band was born?
My pleasure Carla and thank you for doing this interview with me. Omniversum is a Kuopio, Finland based 5 piece modern metal/rock act. During our 6 years ofexistence we’ve developed a lot. We started of kind of proggy but how now drifted towards a style where the sound and music is more important than the genre.

You came out with a new single this year, entitled ”Waiting For My Time”. Is this a song taken from the future album?
This is a tricky question at this point as we have not really figured out the details of the future releases yet. But I can tell you that at the moment the idea is to release a series of singles (that might end up being and album at some point). For now it’s the path we’ve chosen as it makes no sense releasing an album for us right now. We’re trying to think out of the box and see what we can come up with. We hope to release the follower to ’’Waiting For My Time’’ as soon as possible.

Have you decided to shoot a video for the new single aswell?
Actually we have plans for multiple videos. But we haven’t yet come to any decision on when this will happen. All in good time.. we will inform you when the time is due.

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Aftermoon signed a deal with WormHoleDeath records

Aftermoon (Ukraine) have signed a deal with WHD records for the worldwide release of their debut album “Phase One”.


The band stated:
We`re so excited about some good news we have! For the past few months we have been working on the most important project in our musical career with our new partners, and for today we kept it a secret. But it`s time to share our joy! Sooo…AFTERMOON has singed with WormHoleDeath Records and our debut album, named “Phase One”, is going to be released soon! Some words about our label. You know how important for every musician and band “the first” things are: the first show, the first recording, the first album, the first label.  It`s the foundation on which the band`s future depends, so AFTERMOON has been looking for a reliable, trustworthy, rapidly growing label, that works with bands all over Europe. When we sent our promo to WormHoleDeath and received their positive feedback about our music, we realized that this label is just for us! Carlo, the founder of the label, assisted us throughout the long preparation process, his advices and recommendations helped us to prepare the set of all necessary things for the album release. We constantly stay in touch with him, so we quickly solve all the problems and get answers to all questions we have. Work is in full swing all the time, that`s why we had no doubt in choosing WormHoleDeath!”



Interview Lady Reaper

Interview with Simone Iron, vocalist of the Italian heavy metal band, Lady Reaper.


Hi Simone, how are things going?
The only way things can go between three university students, a high school student and a conservatory student – splendid. Jokes aside, we’re very hyped and ready to launch ourselves beyond Italy’s boundaries.

Tell me when Lady Reaper was born.
Just like every other group, Lady Reaper was born between school desks. The project came to life once Simone (vocals) and Berardo (drums) had met, when they were only 17 years old… Oh, wait – they might have been younger still! The current lineup has been such for about a year now – the last one to become a part of the band was Federico (Red), and we have to admit we find ourselves quite happy with him, you should see how good he is on the stage.

This year you debuted with the album “Drink My Soul”. Tell me about it.
Our first album is technically called “Lady Reaper”, but many call it “Drink My Soul” as a result of the words written on the artwork. Lady Reaper/Drink my soul is a lightning shard (NdT: o solo shard? scheggia nel senso di pezzetto/frammento, o nel senso di velocità? Fate vobis) of about 29 minutes, on which we’ve poured out our very first songs and our very first musical experiences.We’ve taken Rick Rubin’s quote very seriously “Less is more”. We recorded in record time (pun intended) an album which is both simple and enjoyable; our priority as a debut album was to have people listen to it, to make it stick inside people’s minds. As you may have guessed from the artwork, we’ve created a simple, yet effective creature: both enjoyable for its listening simplicity, and played WELL! 100% 80s Heavy Metal.

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Interview Dissidio

Interview about the trio Rock band, Dissidio.


Salutations! Thank you for this interview, how have you been?

Introduce the band and when it was founded.
We are Michelangelo, Valentino and Francesco, and we think we probably play some rock -influenced stuff. We formed the band in 2013, and we’re still here.

Talk about ‘’Thisorientamento’’. And how this word can be translated?
”Thisorientamento’’ is our first album and this title meaning is controversial, because it means “orientation” and “disorientation” at the same time. The listener chooses one of this two paths.


Have you got nice reviews for this album?
Yes, the reviews are a lot and they’re mostly positive, so we’re really happy!

The album is also featuring other musicians. Who are those?
Yes, there’s the contribution of a musician called Lili Refrain, whom we highly respect as an artist . The piece “9” is hers and  she is the female voice in the song “Se si sa si sa, sai?” too. Moreover the guitars by Mors from Chaos Conspiracy and Alessandro Montos Montorieri and the voice of Daniela Mazza, a singer from Lamezia Terme are also present.

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