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Music Review Alestorm: No Grave But the Sea

ALESTORM - No Grave But the Sea

Alestorm No Grave But the Sea

BY: Alex Phillips

Napalm Records
Available 5/16/17

The first five times I listened to this album, I was sitting at my desk at work with a bud in my right ear but not my left because having both in is a safety hazard. I work as a graphic artist for a corporate printing company. On my monitor was the worst artwork ever, a pixilated low-resolution full color image of a cross superimposed over the world, the whole thing encircled by the words “The One True Life Church of Christ Our Savor.” I had already heard “No Grave But the Sea” and “Mexico,” and at that moment I had just decided to skip to what promised (by merit of its title) to be the most interesting track, “Fucked with an Anchor” (a title which evoked memories of that classic love song “Fucked with a Knife”), and my grim workday was made instantly sunnier by Christopher Bowles promising to track down and anchor-fuck the witch doctor who cursed him forever to spew four-letter words like a foulmouthed pirate. Continue reading Music Review Alestorm: No Grave But the Sea

Show Review — PIRATEFEST featuring The Dread Crew of Oddwood, Swashbuckle, and Alestorm

Report: By Alex Phillips

Photos: Alex Philips

Piratefest 2015

Mill City Nights, Minneapolis, MN


The Mighty Alestorm!


Once again I arrive way too early. Like two hours early. So I sit in the car reading Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Heavy Metal, a book which in approximately 600 pages makes no reference to the folk metal movement—to say nothing of pirate metal—whatsoever. But who needs all these sub-genre classifications and debauchery anecdotes, anyway? I’m here to see Piratefest. Continue reading Show Review — PIRATEFEST featuring The Dread Crew of Oddwood, Swashbuckle, and Alestorm

Audio Interview: Alestorm from PirateFest 2015! Minneapolis, Minnesota



Alex Philips sits down with Christopher Bowes of the Mighty Alestorm!!! tune in and prepare to crush your pineapples, break into spontaneous nacho songs, Dungeons and Dragons nerd talk and don your brightest Bermuda shorts!!


Music Review Alestorm CD: Sunset On The Golden Age


By: Callum (CJ) Lavender

Label: Napalm Records

Available: 1st August 2014


“Arrr matie’s, the new alestorm album be coming to our shores this summer, lets crack the rum open and celebrate har-har” I’m actually a loose fan of alestorm but I lost track after the first album so I’m very happy to be hearing the latest work again. Funny story I actually first heard of alestorm while in sixth form college because of a friend at the time, he said he had just seen this pirate band in this demon filled town that we lived in and that he liked them so much he got the album, he let me have a listen and for the rest of my classes that day he lent me his iPod and I listened to it over and over again. Sadly I have a very short attention span and stopped listening as I said, but what better time to catch up again and hear the new album. On a side note if you didn’t hear the spin of band glory hammer yet then I strongly recommend you do so, their album last year was one of the best albums of the year. Anyway now back on topic. Continue reading Music Review Alestorm CD: Sunset On The Golden Age

Audio Interview: Alestorm’s Christopher Bowes Talks About New Album ‘Sunset on the Golden Age’

Skullbanger Media sits and talks with Christopher Bowes about Alestorm’s upcoming album ‘Sunset on the Golden Age’. We discuss the albums humor, song ideas, cover song of Hangover by Taio Cruz, undead squid and Surf Nazi’s.

Music: Heavier than Metal by Skullfist used with permission and all rights preserved.

Visit Alestorm Here!

Group portrait