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Rarely is there a film outside the bombastic Hollywood Action /IMAX experience I feel a need to see in the cinema.  After having seen the trailer some months ago, I was almost surprised to see “A Cure For Wellness” was getting a showing in the big Cinema here in Kuopio, as I was under the assumption that it may be too experimental for their regular programming. For many films I have interest in viewing, I do my best to avoid reviews, spoilers and sometimes even the trailer.  My self imposed rule also applies to bands I am planning to see of which I have never previously heard of.  The element of surprise conjoined with a fresh mind clear of any bias always makes for a lasting impression – whether positive or negative.  This last Thursday I met up with the owner of Skullbanger Magazine to accompany him in the 2 hour and 30 minute evening screening after having spent a long day in town amidst heavy snowfall.  Continue reading A CURE FOR WELLNESS REVIEW by Rachael Kozak