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Video Game Review: Fatal Frame 5/Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water

fatal frame
By: Callum Lavender
Available: October 30th 2015
Koei Tecmo/Nintendo
Here is a tl;dr written review of the latest instalment of long running horror franchise Fatal Frame, or now known outside of Japan as Project Zero. The franchise came out round about the same time as Silent Hill and has become one of the cornerstones of the horror genre in video games, next to Silent Hill, Alone In The Dark and Resident Evil, and has it’s own collective loyal fanbase. Many believed that like Fatal Frame 4, Fatal Frame 5 was not going to get released in Europe and America. But thankfully the companies behind it listened to their fans who expressed much desired interest to play it and released it everywhere. Now I don’t normally do horror themed things but I was interested in giving this one a try. My first proper introduction to the series was playing a little bit of the project zero remake of Fatal Frame 2 and even though I’ve only done the first 2 chapters I really enjoyed the concepts. So when a fully fledged wii u exclusive of the 5th instalment came my way, I was eager to try it from start to finish. So I’ll try to avoid as much spoilers as possible. Also before I cause a bit of confusion there are many parts to this game that I both like and hated at the same time.

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The Kickstarter campaign currently underway to bring the Friday the 13th and hockey masked slasher Jason Voorhees back to the video game world for the first time since 1989 has reached its funding goal!

Endorsed by the the franchise’s creator Sean Cunningham and recruiting the talents of Kane Hodder (Jason) and legendary make-up effects artist Tom Savini who has previously worked on the films, Friday the 13th: The Game pits seven camp counselors against the unstoppable Jason Voorhees.  The camp counselors work together, and sometimes against each other, in an attempt to survive a night at Camp Blood.  And if they are extremely lucky possibly even kill Jason.

The game is currently only multiplayer but there is still time to pledge money to help it achieve a single player mode along with other rewards.  Follow the link to check out more on the game’s Kickstarter page!  Hurry while there is still time left!


Meanwhile, party like it’s Friday the 13th!

FAN VIDEO for Friday the 13th: The Game

Don’t forget! An Official Friday the 13th game is in the works being made by Gun Media and I also made this video as a tribute to that.If you get the chance go pledge on the Kickstarter page! The song originally premiered in the movie Better off Dead starring John Cussack. I thought the lyrics and sound of the song had a certain horror theme to them even though it is poppy, but it is also a little dark. So I used Friday the 13th footage and mixed it in.

FAN MADE music video using Friday the 13th clips to the song One Way Love performed by E.G. Daily. I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THE MATERIAL USED. All Rights belong to the respective owners.

BOARD GAME VIDEO INTERVIEW: Will Donovan; Lead Designer of Folklore the Affliction

I sit and talk to Will about the Gothic Horror board game, Folklore: The Affliction which is currently being funded on Kickstarter. We discuss the idea(s) behind the game, the mechanics, characters and some unique aspects the game can offer players.

The game has been successfully funded but there are always stretch goals that can be unlocked by more pledges.

If you would like to fund Folklore: The Affliction follow the link located in the video interview below!


JASON LIVES!: Friday the 13th Video Game Announced for PC, Xbox One and PS4

friday poster

REJOICE Friday the 13th fans!  For the first time since 1989 Jason Voorhees will return to kill on video games again.  This time in more Horrific way than on the NES game of the 80’s.

The game once known as Summer Camp being made by Gun Media has just been rebranded as an official Friday the 13th The Game with full endorsement by Sean S. Cunningham, the creator of the series.

The creators are currently running a Kickstarter detailing the story of how this all game together and if you get in on the early bird special you can get the game game when it releases next fall for $25.

Also, it should be noted that Kane Hodder, the man who has played Jason the most in the film franchise, returns to portray Jason in the came and make-up and special effects artist Tom Savini known for his work in the Original Friday the 13th film and also Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter will also be lending his talents to the project.

Watch the reveal trailer below and also follow the link to the Kickstarter page to donate to the cause!

Visit the Kickstarter page HERE