Intro: At the moment, he is probably known being active with the Italian trio dark wave act, NON.
ANDREA ZANZA, who decided to release solo album aswell, album that gave me, somehow, goosebumps and I was filled with emotions. I have talked with him before about NON, and seems to be the same story, a cinematic music, full of emotions and something personal.

 I was very surprised by your solo album. As told you before, you should really start making music for movies, because the sound of your music is very cinematic…!
Ok, I’m available, if any director or producer wants to offer me some work, I’m on the market!

“Dormire Sonni Tranquilli”, first, how do we translate it?
I guess the best translation could be “Sleep Peacefully”.


Tell me about the story behind this album.
Let’s say that it was an inner and personal need that pushed me to compose and publish this record, it was an idea that I had for a long time but I had to wait for the right moment to do it.

It’s a lot of, I would say, passion, feelings, something personal that you’re composing and reflecting in your music. This is what I hear in your music, emotions. Am I right?
Well, I think so. It’s an album that reflect my personality, even because i’ve composed and arrange the songs on my own, and except for the drum, the bass and the flute i’v played all the instruments and i don’t know if it’s good or not but this certainly makes it more personal.

And a mix of elements: dark wave, electronic, indie, synths, psychedelic, it’s a cocktail of elements…
Yes, and I also think folk music and italians songwriter’s typical elements. I listen to many different kind of music but the most important thing to me is that at in the end I have to make my personal kind of music.

From the 1st song, “C’era Una Volta”, we can hear maybe emotions, an instrumental song that sends you in a fairytale world!
Exactly! One of the elements of the record is the relationship with childhood, when we live life naturally and the world seems magical to us, it is a dimension that we lose growing up but I was interested that the whole album had a somewhat of a fairytale dimension and a little dreamy vibe.

There is one song , “Reti e Pareti”, which we can also hear on your dark wave band (NON) 2nd album “Sancta Sanctorum”. The song is more emotional amd calm on NON’s album, but on your solo album, you re-made the sound of it. Can you explain this more?
To tell the truth, we had tried this version with NON but the guys were not satisfied with it, so I reworked it a little and decided to put it on my record. I thought that a very intimate song in a rhythmic version could sound interesting.


From where all this inspiration, resulting such a nice and deep music?
First, thank you for your words.
I think the inspiration comes mainly from the need I had to compose music that was lighter, that had a lot of air around and that left the right spaces in order to make the voice sweeter.
I needed music that would relax me and make me feel good, at the same time I also wanted to deepen the use of the melody as I had not been able to do before and I took all the time necessary to do it.

Are you thinking about a next solo release?
Absolutely, I’ve a lot of new songs already waiting to be recorded.

What news can you provide about NON? Will be there a new record soon?
Finally, after several months we have a new rehearsal room and we started playing again, we are working on new material trying a different approach, we will see what will come out. It’s still early to say when but I’m pretty sure we’ll release a new record soon.

Did I read somewhere correctly, that you were a movie maker before aswell?
Yes, I attended a film school now many years ago.
I don’t know if I can call myself a director, I am when I direct a film or a theater show.
In the past I shot short films, documentaries and some commercials, even the NON video clips, I shot them myself.

Can you name a few movies you worked on?
The short films that I made and with which I also won prizes in various festivals are mainly two:
“Quanto si Dice Intorno ai Nani” – 2005
“K- Destandosi un Mattino da Sogni Inquieti” – 2008.

Is there anything else would you like to add for the readers?
The only thing I can say to those who love music is to have no prejudices and to be always curious to listen to new music, even different from what we are used to listen. Surely we cannot like everything but when we discover something that surprises us, is always a very nice experience!

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