Interview – Gorilla Pulp

It was a pleasure to have a chat with GORILLA PULP after 4 years. The Italian stoner rock act released a new album in 2017 called “Heavy Lips“ and this year looks like are happening more fun and interesting stuffs and to find out about these all, you can read below and interview I had with Maurice (vocals and guitar) and Angelo (guitar).


Hello guys and welcome back to Romania, as I know you were here last year aswell to a jazz festival or something like that…
Maurice- Yeah last year to Transylvania Blues festival in Brasov, was amazing!

And tonight is your first time playing here in Bucharest. What expectations do you have from the crowd tonight?
Maurice- I hope that it would be a good crowd, we will make a lot of noise and we will enjoy the show!

So it’s been a while since we had our first interview, 4 years ago.
Maurice- Yeah, long time ago, the first work, the first EP. This year is our 5th year of Gorilla so we are celebrating our 5th birthday.

Back in 2015 we spoke about the debut album andf the EP if I remember well, in 2017 youțve released a new album called “Heavy Lips“. What is the feedback on the songs from the corwd during the gigs?
Maurice- Ah is a good feedback, people usually enjoy rock n roll stuffs, we are playing a mix of stoner rock, blues stuffs and bit melodic, bit groovy, then people seems that they’re enjoying the shows everytime and the beautiful thing is that we are always celebrating the women, also because today is Women’s Day and this is very good because the difference between metal and stoner rock and other genres is that a lot of women are coming to our shows.

Your music has a lot of elements and vibes from the 80’s and 90’s, when I’m listening to your songs, especially the riffs it sends me to bands like Thin Lizzy maybe, some Motorhead here and there, how do you manage to find the perfect sound for your music?
Angelo- Usually in the practice room we are like “Hey, I got a new riff, listen!“  and we all work togheter to our songs. In every part of our songs you can listen my sound, Maurice’s sound, Choris sound and Giorgio’s sound, is all special for us, is our trade.
Maurice- We find our perfection in our practice room; practice, practice, practice and we find what we want. We are also very lucky to have Choris’s bass, that he’s building amps.

What about a new album, are you going to release a new one, considering that every 2 years you have released one.
Maurice– Yes, we are going to release it maybe in 2020 because this year we are going to make a split album and we are going to be on the compilation, we’re going to record a few stuffs and managing it with our producer for the new stuffs, so not an album this year.

I noticed also starting from your logo and then your pictures and the videos that somehow, they are looking in retro style and times. I think there are rare bands that I’ve seen being like this so why did you choose going this way?
Maurice- Because the 70’s and 80’s are the years that I like the most, is what we like, we don’t do it just for fancy things, so yeah, we like to be this way. What you see is what we are!



You’re trying to be original as much as possible.
Maurice- Yes, original as we are in order to let people see what we are inside and outside.

I also want to find out about the band’s origin name, Gorilla Pulp, it’s like you created your own world, a jungle.
Maurice- We wanted to make the name like a big animal, we also loved and added the name “pulp“ from the movie  and also Th Gorilla game, so the flesh of the gorilla and the pulp is the music. The 2 names were very good togheter.
Angelo- And we are very noisy guys like a monkey! (laughs)

Hahaha, that was a good one! Are you going to have more gigs this year aswell?
Murice- Of course, we are going to open for Jon Spencer this month and we are already confirmed for 2 festivals and we are also planning the autumn tour for this year, the last leg of “Heavy Lips“ .

And the last question is, what do you consider to be the best goal that Gorilla Pulp have achieved?
Maurice- The best goal of this year will be featured on the new video game with the soundtrack for Playstation, Xbox, PC video game that is called “Wreckfest“. The best is to see our song finally in the game.

Nice! I did not know about the game thing. I’ll definitely chek this out maybe, even that I’m not a gamer.
Angelo- He’s a gamer (pointing to Giorgio-drums).

I can’t wait to see you performing tonight. When I saw on the fest poster your name I said to myself that I must go to see you, because we’ve also talked before so I know about you! Thx a lot for the interview again!
Maurice- Thx a lot too and good luck to you. Cheers and rock n roll!

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