Music Review: Mausoleum Gate Album: Into A Dark Divinity


By: TJ Fowler

Available: September 2017

Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

Official Websites:


There is traditional heavy metal then there is REALLY TRADITIONAL heavy metal.  By this I mean bands that sprung up in the mid to late 70’s before NWOBHM hit the scene in the 80’s.  So basically you have a hybrid of sound that is a mixture of mysticism, folk, 70’s hard rock and proto-80’s metal.  If you still are wondering what kind of sound I am talking about think a bit of Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull and a whole lot of Manilla Road.  If you know these bands then you will know what to expect from Finland’s Mausoleum Gate…just a little bit darker in tone.

Into a Dark Divinity contains 6 songs of occult and mystical tunes overladen with heavy 70’s styled keyboards and heavy crunching guitar.  Along with vocals that sound very surreal and ethereal.  This matches the tone of this album very well.  With songs that deal with ancient magic, witches and mysticism all these elements go very well together and helps take the listener on a great journey into the unknown.  Songs like Condemned to Darkness and Burn the Witches at Dawn are great occult rock tunes.

Mausoleum Gate has put together a very solid 70’s styled metal album that not only pays tribute to the bands of that era but also they make an album that is unique to them and their own.  Into A Dark Divinity is a very solid album and something that stands out from other metal acts here in Finland.  If you like a more stripped down approach to metal and a sound that is both analog and organic.  Into A Dark Divinity is the album for you.  Turn it on, turn off the lights and take a voyage with Mausoleum Gate to the deep reaches of abyss which will take you Into A Dark Divinity.


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