Music Review: Stereo Nasty Album: Twisting the Blade


BY:  TJ Fowler

The Irish, fist in the face, dirty metal rockers, Stereo Nasty are back with their new album, ‘Twisting the Blade’ and I have to say it has been too long…though honestly it really hasn’t been that long since their last album, the phenomenal ‘Nasty By Nature’.  I just really love this band and I am always eager to hear new material from them.

‘Twisting the Blade’ picks up right where ‘Nasty By Nature’ left off with punchy riffs, gritty sounds and gruff and gritty vocals that give this band a dangerous sound and attitude.  I have to really commend the band on having a sound that is both the a dirty ‘dive bar’ sound and common man attitude but also containing the competence of a band that is ready to bring their sound to the masses and not sound like some dudes who play only once a month in a garage.

‘Twisting the Blade’ contains nine tracks of dirty metal and in your face licks.  One exception, there is one track that is a nice slow instrumental that is both a nice contrast to the other songs but also eerie in its melody.  Otherwise most songs are a full throttle assault.  The opening track, ‘Kill or be Killed’ is classic Stereo Nasty.

The one difference in this album than the last is the lyrical theme.  ‘Nasty By Nature’ seemed to be more of an anthem or ‘FIGHT’ album while ‘Twisting the Blade’ seems to focus more on horror elements with several songs taking inspiration from horror movies such as, ‘Near Dark’, ‘In the Mouth of Madness’ and ‘Silver Bullet’.

I must admit I feel ‘Nasty by Nature’ is a DEFINING album for Stereo Nasty but ‘Twisting the Blade’ is a great new addition to Stereo Nasty’s catalog and to the metal genre as a whole.  It is gutsy and ballsy and it is nice to see the band tackle the horror movie themes as I am a big fan of that genre as well.  The only bad thing about ‘Twisting the Blade’ is that now I have to wait for a new Stereo Nasty album!


Label:  Independent

Official Websites:

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