Music Review: ACCEPT Album: The Rise of Chaos

AVAILABLE: August 4th, 2017

LABEL: Nuclear Blast

Official Websites:


ACCEPT just keeps that metal train rolling like a juggernaut that just can’t be stopped.  Since releasing ‘Blood of Nations’ back in 2010, ACCEPT have been the recipient of a revitalized career that most bands of their age could only dream of and all the younger bands would hope they could only have 1/10th of the success of.  Since their comeback album, ACCEPT has released hit album after hit album filled with classic metal riffs and great lyrical themes. 

Now we are to the band’s fourth release since their return, ‘The Rise of Chaos’.  To me this album reminds me a lot of Judas Priest’s ‘Painkiller’ album.  While ‘Painkiller’ was considered a bit of a comeback album for Priest and ACCEPT have already done that, where I make the comparison between these two albums is how strengths of these albums is based on their riffs..  ACCEPT have always been known for making great and catchy riffs in their songs.  ‘The Rise of Chaos’ takes this strength and multiplies it 10 times.  With songs like ‘Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid’, ‘Die By the Sword’ and ‘Worlds Colliding’ riff junkies will be exceedingly pleased with ‘The Rise of Chaos’.  Wolf Hoffman has really outdone himself on this album with his guitar work.  I think out of all metal guitarists, Hoffman with his classical guitar background, is one of the most creative musicians out there in the metal scene.  This creativity really shows on this album.

Lyrically, overall the album is really solid.  The topics range from the serious, ‘Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid’ which talks about a survivor of the Jonestown Massacre to more normal everyday life things like ‘Analog Man’ which talks about how a man prefers the old technology like vinyl records and dial tone phones instead of all the hi-tech machinery we have today.

With the lyrics, I like to make comparisons with Priest’s ‘Painkiller’ as well.  The criticism ‘Painkiller’ had leveled against it was, while the album was heavy and had great riffs, the lyrics on the album were criticized as being a bit cliché.  ‘The Rise of Chaos’ isn’t near as cliché as ‘Painkiller’ but there are a few spots here and there in some songs that sound a little silly.  Mainly with the song ‘Hole in the Head’.  But the riffs in the song are fantastic and vocally Mark Tornillo sounds as great as ever on this album.

So even with my minor issue with the some of the lyrics in ‘The Rise of Chaos’, the album as a whole is one of the strongest albums in all of ACCEPTS catalog.  It’s crunchy, it has riff after riff and it is fun as hell to listen to.

ACCEPT are proving over and over again that not only can they still make good music today, they can make music that surpasses a lot of younger band’s output today.

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