Music Review: The Night Flight Orchestra Album: Amber Galactic



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Label:  Nuclear Blast Records

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SUMMER IS HERE AND I AM FREE!  I had to say this because I have been tied up in school and unable to attend to music reviews like I would hope to.  Now that I have some free time it is nice to relax with some music that is a throwback to the late 70’s and early 80’s bands like ELO, Toto, Survivor and others.  The Night Flight Orchestra and their album Amber Galactic could have been an album from a forgotten band from these decades and placed in a time capsule and only recently discovered today.  Filled with synths, pop 80’s production and lyrics, Amber Galactic takes the listener on a musical journey back to a time when a kid would come home from school in the day but at night new worlds would be  revealed through the mysterious synthwave pop music he would listen to in his bedroom or watch on the late night TV program Night Flight.  Buy your ticket now for the Night Flight Orchestra because the journey to Amber Galactic is a long one, filled with wonders and sounds from a by-gone era.

For any of you who grew up in the early 80’s you will remember a lot of music that sounds similar to The Night Flight Orchestra.  Before MTV completely took over the airwaves with music videos and you would still see bands from different genres tour with each other such as Iron Maiden and .38 Special.  These bands had to make their career through hard touring, hard work and excellent song writing ability.  NFO captures the essence of these bands, their attitudes and their excellent song writing.

With songs like Something Mysterious, Josephine and Jennie the influences from ELO, Survivor and Toto are very very clear.  Filled with piano, hard rock guitars and lyrics filled with nighttime forlorn love and the secrets of the night that will only be revealed to the listener if they dare to explore the great mysteries of the twilight.  NFO does an excellent job of taking the listener on a nighttime journey wonder.

Amber Galactic is a fantastic album, while influenced from rock opera bands from the past, give a breath of fresh air to this style of music without making it feel like a gimmick or joke.  The Night Flight Orchestra have made an album and music that comes off as both sincere and respectful to the artists they pay homage too while also making something unique unto themselves.  Good work NFO. I look forward to you future work.

Who remembers Night Flight by the way?

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