Music Review: Municipal Waste; Album: Slime and Punishment


by: TJ Fowler

Available: NOW

Label: Nuclear Blast

Official Websites:


I have to admit I get a little lost/mixed up with all the thrash bands that have names that involve some kind of radioactive material or warfare.  There is Nuclear Assault, Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste and who knows what others.  Wouldn’t a Nuclear Assault cause a Toxic Holocaust which then would produce Municipal Waste?  Anyway…they are pretty cool names just sometimes I think I have to consult my Green Peace manual to see which eco-disaster is worse…oh wait…we are talking about metal bands aren’t we?  Well fuck the planet, lets rock!

Slime and Punishment is the first album from Municipal Waste I have ever listened to.  It is also the first metal album that made me feel like it beat the shit out of me without even being at one of their shows in a mosh pit.  In fact I think this album was made specifically in mind for a live crowd.

The album has 14 songs but total running time is only 28 minutes.  Which means the album is packed full of blistering thrash metal at break neck speed that is almost too much for a listener to keep up with before they are thrust head first into another meat shredder of a song.  It doesn’t matter where you come into this album at.  It is going to bite your head off, chew it until your brain is sucked out and then eat the rest of your body for desert after which it will spit out your bones and make a bird cage out of them.  It is fast, brutal and takes no prisoners.

This album is all about the riffs, riffs and more riffs.  If you are a thrash metal fan you will get a full dose of it here.  In fact you might get so much of it you might overdose from it.  Which I think was Municipal Waste’s intention the entire time.  Strap in, breathe deep and prepare to get Wasted because this album will destroy you.  Even at 28 minutes.

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