Music Review: Malamorte Album: Satan Goes to Heaven to Destroy the Kingdom of Heaven


By: TJ Fowler

Available: NOW

Label: Pure Steel Promotions

Official Websites:


               Pure black metal bands are usually not my bag but there have been some to cross over into other genres where they have mutated into some other kind of hybrid that has grabbed my attention.  In the case of Malamorte, they have come out from being a pure black metal band and have become a band with a mixture of black/doom/thrash elements.  Because of this I found Satan Goes to Heaven to Destroy the Kingdom of Heaven a great listening experience.

Malamorte draws on black metal themes lyrically, which is obvious by the title of the album (and song titles), but they mix things up a bit vocally and musically.  In the vocal department the band has shifted away from the abrasive black metal style and ventured into the doom metal territory more (with touches of King Diamond) while mixing in some great thrash metal riffs.  Mixing all three of these elements together the band has put out a great metal album accessible to fans of not just the aforementioned genres but metal fans in general.

Satan Goes to Heaven to Destroy the Kingdom of God is a great album for 2017.  With thrashing songs like Blasphemies for the Horned God, Thorn in the Flesh and the mid-tempo Unholy Cult Malamorte have hit on the perfect blend of different genres and have come out with one hell of an album.  Do yourself a favor and follow the links above to check out but this fantastic album.

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