Interview: Pimea Metsa

Spanish folk/epic metal band Pimea Metsa have released a new album entitled as No Blood, No Glory, out via WormHoleDeath records. About the album and other stuffs related to the band, below you can read an interview I had with Miguel Moron (keys, accordion).


Welcome Miguel and thank you for the interview. How are you? Can you make a small intro about Pimeä Metsä?
Hi! Really busy these days but fine. Well, Pimeä Metsä is a heavy metal band coming from Madrid. Our musical style can be defined as Viking/folk metal, but we try to open our musical spectrum by adding elements from other styles like melodic death, epic, thrash, etc. The band was founded on a December 2006 winter’s night by David and me, but the current line‐up began to work together in 2008 and is formed by: Ángel Flores (vocals), David Chas (rhythm guitar), Hugo Pérez (lead guitar), Juanto Viana (bass), myself (keyboard and accordion) and Pablo Carmona (drums). Now we are presenting our second album: NO BLOOD, NO GLORY, which has been released last December 2016 via Wormhole Death Records / Aural Music.

Your band name is in Finnish. What does it mean and why did you choose as the band name to be in Finnish?
Pimeä Metsä means “Dark Forest” in Finnish. From the beginning, we decided to orient the band towards Viking/folk metal. I speak Finnish and we thought that a name in this language would fit perfectly with the musical style we wanted to play. Then, name had to be representative of the lyrical themes the band would use in their songs and not too difficult to pronounce, so Pimeä Metsä made the difference!

You mentioned about the new album ”No Blood, No Glory”, out with Worm HoleDeath records. Where did the recordings took place and how these went?
The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered at The Metal Factory Studios (Madrid) by Alex Cappa, who has worked with the most important heavy metal bands of Spain like Hamlet, Vita Imana, 037/Leo and many more. Alex rules! We have chosen him because we loved the sound of his previous works with other bands and I think the results on NO BLOOD, NO GLORY speak by themselves. The recording seasons went very, very well. Hard, serious and productive working, but full of jokes and anecdotes.

What is the theme of the album?
NO BLOOD, NO GLORY is not a conceptual album. Its thematic is mostly the same that we’ve been singing about from the very beginning: Viking mythology or foundations and epic battles or echoes in defense of nature, that nowadays men are wasting out, day by day.
We have also included lyrics about worldwide literature and historical events, like Beowulf (song “GRENDEL: THE CHANT OF BEOWULF PART I”) or William Wallace’s struggle for freedom (song “CRY FOR FREEDOM”). We try to write attractive lyrics that shows the values of loyalty, brotherhood, solidarity, courage and no fear about life or death from the Viking culture, lyrics that can teach something about these times, myths and costumes to our listeners and fans.

How was the media and the fans feedback for the album?
It’s been absolutely awesome! With our first album LEGACY OF THE HEATHEN NORTH, our name began to be heard through Spanish media and an increasing number of people discovered us, but mostly in our country. However, from its first days out, NO BLOOD, NO GLORY has been listened by lots of people from every corner of the world, has been played in various radio stations of different countries, has been reviewed many times in some languages and, most important, we receive very positive feedbacks from fans and media, every day. So, we’re really happy and stunned about it!

Your main genre is folk metal and you are not only playing the guitar, the bass and the drums, you are using other instruments as well, making your sound to be more interesting, what are the other instruments are you playing on?
Yes, that’s my topic! Yeah, we think that the power and the heavy soul of the metal music are mainly the guitars, bass and drums. But our music goes one step forward. In keyboards, I used very realistic sound libraries to play different folk instruments like pipes, balalaika, some kinds of harps, hurdy gurdy, etc. besides from the typical sounds performed in a band with
keyboardist, like all kind of strings, choirs, harpsichords, piano, brasses, etc. And of course, in our album you’ll find real accordion. This instrument gives an interesting taste to some arrangements and melodies and we like its sound, added to the metal soul of our music.

Will you guys hit the road soon, a tour over Europe?
Yeah, of course. We have just presented NO BLOOD, NO GLORY on an amazing show last Saturday in Madrid. Then, we have other gig next February 10th in San Sebastián (also in our country) and our manager is working very hard to book other dates. A tour over Europe is something that we are working on and you’ll have news about it very soon. We cannot wait to meet face to face all our fans everywhere!

As you are a metal band from Spain, how do you see Pimeä Metsä on the Spanish metal scene?
Well, like other countries, Spain has two different scenes: a mainstream metal scene and an underground one. The mainstream scene is reserved to old bands (which are strongly
supported (even nowadays) because of their success in the past) or bands with lot of money or famous friends that can afford expensive promo campaigns, a good position to festivals promoters, achieve slots on a big international band’s tours, etc. We’re not in one of these cases. It’s very difficult to reach a very big audience. Anyway, metal scene is not too big in Spain compare to others, because of a huge lack of support to younger bands from institutions, mainstream media and most of important promoters. However, things are different in the underground scene. There are so many radios, webzines, etc. that plays amateur band’s music, cover our shows, review our albums, etc. And, honestly, Pimeä Metsä is one of the most known bands in Madrid and has one of the most solid audiences of the scene. The attendance to our shows is  a little bigger than the attendance of other bands more mainstream, our last album has been qualified by three or four webzines as one of the 10 top albums of Spanish metal on 2016, our music is played almost every day, reviews, interviews, etc., so we’ve sometimes had the opportunity to cross the invisible line between underground and mainstream metal scenes to play in one of the biggest Spanish heavy metal festival (LEYENDAS DEL ROCK), sharing line‐up with Ensiferum, Symphony X, Children of Bodom, Eluveitie, Dark Tranquility, etc. In past time, we supported international bands like Arkona, Korpiklaani, SuidAkrA, etc.

What do you consider to be one of the goals you have achieved since the beginning?
The main goal we have achieved so far is the feedback that those who have listened our music leave day by day, the positive reviews and, of course, the opportunity of meeting lots of people on different cities (and soon, on different countries as well!!). All these things made us a little bit known band thru our country.

Was nice to chat with you Miguel and hope to see you soon on the road! Want to quit also with a message to the readers and supporters?
Thank you so very much Carla for your interview and suppor! Well, friends, if you like heavy metal (no matter what concrete style) and Viking myths, let’s listen to Pimeä Metsä! See you on the road and KEEP ON VIKING!

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