Interview: Ithilien

Belgian folk metal band, Ithilien, have released their seconf album, Shaping The Soul via WormHoleDeath recods. Below you can read an interview I had with Jerry, the drummer of the band, who had time to answer the interview regarding the band’s new album and other plans.


Hi and thank you for your time. Please introduce yourself and Ithilien.
Hello, I am Jerry, the drummer of Ithilien. We play folk metal, more specificly Folkcore. This is a combination of traditional Belgian (Folk) music, played   with flemish bagpipes, a hurdy gurdy, a violin  and a bouzouki and a more modern metal genre. The band was founded 10 years ago, there weere several line-up changes but the last 4 years we finally had a steady line-up after I entered the band. They already gave me some stress from the beginning because I only had 3 weeks to learn the full set and start our first tour together. By now we already have reached some major highlights with several tours in Europe and Japan. We also signed with Mighty Music for our first album “From Ashes To The Frozen Land” and now with WormHoleDeath for our new album “Shaping The Soul”. Things can only get better.

You just mentioned about the deal with WormHoleDeath records and released your second full-lenght, ”Shaping The Soul”. What is the theme of this album and the musical direction?
About the theme, we decided to write about grief. It’s something that appeals to every single person and is realistic. Basically we wanted more mature lyrics, we then based the album around the Kubler-Ross Model which is, in short, the 5 important stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Every song of the album has its corresponding stage. The first song, ’Blindfolded’’ represents the denial, ‚’Lies After Lies’’ and ”Shaping The Soul’’ are a manifestation of anger while ’If Only’’ obviously represents the bargaining stage, ’’Edelweiss’’ feels depressing while ” The Bear Dance’’ represents acceptance. I encountered a bad moment in my life after the recordings were done with a relationship ending badly. It made me realize how the feelings were equal to what the album reflects. I never knew ’Shaping the Soul’’ would grow so much under my skin.

You have also a video for ”Blindfolded” song. How was the making of the video and what is the story behind this video?
This is the first video clip I’ve ever shoot and I did not expect it was such hard work. We had a lot of fun doing it. And thanks to the skills of the producer Bram we got the best out of it. In the end we are thrilled with the end result. Go check it out on Youtube.

Do you have in mind to make a new video for another song?
Can not tell yet, just wait and see I would say.

 Regarding the sound of ”Shaping The Soul”, is it more different than the previous release, ”From Ashes To the Frozen Land”?
Musically we have decided to change the direction from Pagan folk metal (From Ashes To The Frozen Land) to what we like to call Folkcore style (Shaping The Soul).

In the past you have shared the stage with Eluveitie, been on tour over Europe as well, are you planning to hit the road soon to promote the new album?
That’s true, we went twice on tour with them. The first one was in Japan. It was an amazing experience! The second was with Eluveitie and Skalmold in Northern Europe. Anyway, we can’t wait to go back on the road again of course! I can’t tell much for now, but keep an eye around on facebook for future news.

How do you see Ithilien’s fans? How is their response both live and over the social media?
It’s nice knowing that our fanbase keeps growing every day and that’s what makes it worth over and over again. About your question,  I can be short because when we play live they kick ass, they give us so much more energy on stage. We receive a lot of feedback on social media and we’re always pleased to answer to our fans.


To not be wrong, Ithilien name was taken from J.R.R Tolkien, right?
That’s right,  Ithilien is a region and fiefdom in Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings. But apart from this fact there is no connection. We just loved the name.

Thank you again for this interview. Hope to see you soon! Want to share a message to the fans aswell?
Thanks everybody for the massive support. And see you soon at one of our gigs! One last thing, if anyone has questions for us, just click on the link here under and ask us anything you want.

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