Interview- NoN

A second interview about NON, an Italian dark wave band. They have released a new album entitled ‘’Sancta Sanctorum’’ which was released last year. Here is a new interview I had with Alvaro (drums) about the NON’s new album and other interesting stuffs.

Hello and nice talking with you again Alvaro, how things are going?
Hi Carla! Glad to hear you again! Things are going pretty well, we’re actually promoting the new album and playing some shows here in Italy.

I’m saying again that you have released an amazing album, I like it a lot. Now, I let you tell me what is the story behind this album, is this a concept one?
Thanx for the nice words! It is not a conceptual one, it’s just our feelings towards the world and things that surround us, a sense of loss vs human kind and we’re getting more wiser as we’re getting older, ahahaha!


Actually, every song has a story behind…
Yes, some of them are very personal and heavy in arrangements and sound while others are more softly and melodic but with strong lyrics. What we’re really trying to do is to find hope in these dark ages full of violence, superficiality and fear.This time we had two special guests during the recording process: Luca Barachetti, who co-wrote and sang on “Sostanza”, a long track at the end of the album and Alice Chiari, a professional cello player who added “colors” to distorted guitar and bass.

What does suggest the cover artowork?
The cover artwork was realized by a friend of us, Stefano Piacenti who did a lot of covers for important indipendent artists in the 90’s; it is actually an image full of obscure meanings: “Sancta Sanctorum”, the secret part of our soul, the inner part of human beings.

 You have also released a video for ”Come L’Ombra” song, actually some scenes are connected with the cover of the album in this video, what can we understand from this?
“Come l’Ombra” is actually a song originally composed by Trio Lescano in 1942, is a traditional song of our country and the words represent perfectly the album atmosphere. We totally re-arranged it in the studio in sounds and mood to let our personal imprint to the song.


 Have you decided to make a new video for another song?
Yes, the next video will be out in a few months and it will be a cartoon videoclip, it will be a surprise!

What feedback have you gotten for ”Sancta Sactorum” so far, both from Italy and from the abroad?
The album has been reviewed in Italy mostly and we had great and positive comments!

 NoN debuted with ”Sacra Massa” EP, do you consider ”Sancta Sanctorum” sound more dark than ”’Sacra Massa”? I would say yes, I can hear ”SS” to be more dark, also a few songs are ”heavy”…
“Sancta Sanctorum” is for sure more heavy than “Sacra Massa” but when we started to write it, we didn’t care about getting more heavy or melodic. It’s only a photo of ourselves in that definite moment…

What about concerts, have you got some confirmed? Do you have in mind to tour soon over Europe?
It’s getting more and more difficult to get gigs here in Italy, things are totally different from the 90’s.      What we get as live gigs is just “through word of mouth” with some bands and friends but yeah, it would be great to tour in Europe, but who cares about an Italian trio who sings in Italian?! Ahahaha!

 Thank you again for the interview Alvaro, it was my pleasure. Hope to see you very soon! Ciao!
Thanx Carla for your patience and support that you gave us since day one!


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