Interview: Esperoza

Interview with Zoya Belous, the vocalist of the Moldavian metal band, Esperoza.

Hi Zoya! Please introduce Esperoza.
Hello, we are Esperoza from a little country in Eastern Europe – Moldova. And we are playing kind of symphonic extreme, obscure, dark metal.


You have released a 2nd album under the name of  ”Aum Corrupted”. What is the story behind this album and the lyrical themes?
This album is all about the interpersonal conflicts, never knowing peace, trying to fill the fresh wound gaps with things that absolutely don’t matter, striving for perfecting without leaving the abyss, etc.

To release this album, you have signed with the Italian label, WormHoleDeath…

You have two previous releases, an EP (2012) and a full-lenght (2014). Comparing with these two, is the sound of ”Aum Corrupted” different?
We can say a lot of things about our work, good or bad, but in all these cases it won’t be objective. So it would be much better if the listener would decide by himself/herself how it sounds for him or her.

Aswell you have a video for the song ”Unknown Summons”, what is the video about?
It shows the various problems of the modern world. Of course not all of them, to show all of them wouldn’t be enough just one song.

You describe your music extreme, with gothic elements if I’m not wrong, what do you consider to be the influences?
We never described ourselves like gothic metal, and we don’t have any gothic influences! In fact we are fighting all the time to not to be called this way.  Some of our musical influences are: Celtic Frost, Emperor, Morbid Angel, Death, Mithras and many more. And all these metal things mixed with classical symphonic and opera music.

To promote the new album, are you planning a tour aswell?
No, we are not planning any tour for “Aum Corrupted”, because we don’t consider this album is good for live shows, it’s better just to sit in your cozy room with autumnal cold outside and to listen it with your headphones. But more than this we are now working on our future two albums, so we are kind of very busy anyway.


What other plans do you guys have?
As I mentioned above writing and recording new albums, and all the other boring scheduled things that all the bands do.

Thank you Zoya for your time. Cheers! Do you have a message for the fans too?
Thank you Carla for this interview! And for the readers: stay true to yourself, and support underground artists!

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