Music Review: Poltergeist CD: Back to Haunt


Available: Now

Label: Pure Steel Prmotions

Officials Websites:


Oh man Poltergeist! The band I…never heard of.  Yep.  That’s right.  I had no idea who or what this band was and never would have if not for me seeing a random Facebook newsfeed from Destruction’s frontman Schmier about one of his favorite bands putting out a new album.  I had interviewed Schmier several months ago and he seemed like a cool guy so I thought I would Poltergeist a try.  So let go bust some ghosts!

From the get go Back to Haunt starts off with some very cool and catchy thrash riffs which probably is why Schmier likes the band as they do have an old school thrash style and vibe.  Right from the opening track ‘Back to Haunt’ the band goes full speed and they never really slow down much.  Just thrash riff after thrash riff and fast and furious.  Track six seems to be the only exception in terms of speed as it starts out mid tempo to slow.  Other than that you have a pretty fast paced album.  Which for me is great as slow songs sometimes put me sleep.

One other exception to note is that on track four ‘So it has Begun’ there seems to be a guest vocalist or the singer really switched up his vocal style a bit.  Either way it sounded pretty rocking and it is one of the stronger tracks on the album.  While I am speaking on the vocals, for a thrash band, Poltergeist has a vocalist who is bit more clean in the vocals than you would normally find.  For me personally I would have liked the vocals to be a bit more dirty and gravelly but I guess that is just personal taste.

Overall, Poltergeist has put out a pretty solid thrash album that still holds true to the roots of the genre and those riffs man…they really crunch and they really crush.  Just like a thrash band should!  Back to Haunt…is back to thrash!

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