Brand new label- Too Loud Records

Launched with the support of WormHoleDeath Records and Epictronic, our label is ready to release and market, FANKAZ’s third album entitled “Seities” in cooperation with Overdub Recordings. The wide network of distributors and digital retailers provided by our partners in Europe, Japan and USA, makes TOO LOUD RECORDS a very strong label since the beginning. Finally, the notable amount of media that we are able to target, combined with major publishing service, via our partners, will give our artists a solid and effective support to both their releases and careers.


Manager of the label, Riccardo Daga stated: After more than 10 years spent in music industry, first as an author/guitarist/singer in bands of various musical genres like HC/Punk, Pop/Rock, and later as a producer and sound engineer in several albums for national and international artists, I felt the need to create my own path, that will allow me to devote myself entirely to musical projects in which i believe, for their artistic quality and attitude. The skills acquired during of my 360° musical career, led me to the creation of my record company, TOO LOUD RECORDS. Thanks to this new reality, the artist/band will have a chance to be followed and supported entirely by professionals, throughout all stages of their musical project.

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