Interview: Forged In Blood

Interview with Cristian, guitar player of Italian metal band Forged In Blood.

Hi Christian. As readers to know, introduce Forged In Blood.
F.I.B. are a classic metal band from Milan, Italy. They are Rob (vocals), Toni & Christian (Guitars), Max (bass) and Hicham (drums). Any of the members has a longtime experience, Chris and Max played in Toxic Youth, a well known hardcore band in Milan in the early 90’s.

You guys debuted in 2014 with ”Demon”, the only release until now, what can you tell me about it?
“Demo(N)14” is a 4-tracks EP, an introduction to promoters, fanzines and guys who’ve seen us live. It shows much of what we try to make our style: rhythm, pathos, anthems and melodies.

What are the lyrics about?
Lyrics are about our daily lives, and all the things we see around us. In the EP you have sentimental relationship (‘Forever’), personal battles (‘Stumble on my pride’), ecological matters (‘Green’) and politics (‘Look @ the bottom’). Then you’ll hear about fantasy, war in middle-east, personal struggle, modern novels, philosophy…


Will you release a new album soon?
We’re setting plans to record a whole new album next spring. We’re talking with sound engineers and producers, and we’re looking for the best way to distribute the new stuff.

When it comes about influences, on what are you focusing most?
The first thing is always the solid riff, in the best tradition of American power and thrash metal. The we let things come naturally.

Where people can see you live soon?
We’re playing some gigs near Milan, in November and December, see our social networks for this

Can you name a few favorite metal bands?

Favorite metal bands? In the blink of an eye… Savatage, Testament, Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies. If we think about it for more than two seconds, the list will get very long…

What other plans do you guys have?
Plans? Besides the new album, we want to play live on the best stages ‘round here, and promote our music at our best. Then we’ll see…

A message to end the interview? Thank you for your time, cheers!
Support indipendent music! Thanks to you, have a great time!

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