Music Review: Rotör CD:Musta Käsi


Label: Svart Records

Available: NOW

Official Websites:


New Wave of British Heavy Metal or NWOBHM produced some great bands and songs when it was at its height from ’80-’83 or so.  It even spawned several legendary acts that forever shaped what heavy metal came to be in the 80’s. Namely, Iron Maiden was the biggest act to come out of the movement and is still with us today while many others faded away.  However I feel NWOBHM contains a blueprint any aspiring metal band should look to for ideas on how to write, play and compose metal songs.  So it is no wonder that the older bands are now getting rediscovered and more importantly newer generations are now trying to write new material like the NWOBHM bands.

This brings us to the Finnish band Rotör who add a bit of a unique twist to the formula…they sing entirely in Finnish.  So I guess you can call them the New New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal Playing New Wave of British Heavy Metal or NNWFHMPNWBHM.  If you live in Finland like I do, that abbreviation could almost be a Finnish word.  The language here is crazy man!  Anyway…

SO how does this band do in terms of performing this style of old school metal!  Well I have to say…I am BLOWN AWAY by this band.  Yeah I don’t understand all the lyrics but it doesn’t matter…the lyrics flow with the music perfectly.  Music which I want to say that is filled with killer hooks, riffs and attitude.  The songs themselves are downright catchy and fun to listen to. The opening track, ‘Avattu Hauta’ (Open Grave) is pure NWOBHM at its finest and the album is filled with gems like this from beginning to end.

If you are a fan of bands like Angel Witch, Tygers of Pan Tang, Diamond Head and other British bands from the early 80’s then Rotör is going to hit you right between the eyes with a heavy metal hammer.

Now some people may be put off because the band sings only in Finnish but for me I thought the songs sounded great.  Granted, for the band to have a more wide appeal it would help if they performed in English.  However, it could be the band is a stronger unit writing songs in Finnish and their ideas may not translate as well in English.

Regardless of the language barrier I found Rotör to be an awesome band from a country that produces a lot of metal bands but typically the metal coming from Finland is more modern sounding and it refreshing to hear this newer band go back to the roots of metal.

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