Music Review Hardline CD: Human Nature

By: Callum (CJ) Lavender
Label: Frontiers Music
Available: 14th October 2016
Official Website:
Hey everybody, been away for a while; but now that it’s the second time of the year where everybody releases new stuff at the same time for some reason, what better time to dive back in. Now first off I’ve got to say unfortunately, how disappointing the rock scene has been these past few months in my opinion. Everybody sounds exactly the same and every label is now signing just about anyone and everyone. There have been a few exceptions like Running Wild and Sabaton, that were covered by others, but nothing really note worthy of coverage. And my god! it just has to be said. Napalm Records really took a nose dive this year. How did they go from having a really good year (2015) with the likes of Civil War and Unleash The Archers, to shipping out the material I’ve been receiving lately.

But with that tangent rant aside, Frontiers Music comes by to save the day. A new Hardline album which of course means a new Johnny Gioeli album (I’ll try not to be bias… and will probably fail). So where Do I start? well firstly let’s start with Hardline’s debut album Double Eclipse, the album that arguably started (and nearly ended) Johnny’s singing career. It’s what fan’s mostly think of when they think of Hardline, and that album will be turning 25 years old next year. since then there were 3 other albums that came out, to which even Johnny admits were quite different from each other. With the latest album Danger Zone, many fans said that it was quite good but not as good as it could have been, and to some extend I agree, but at least it sparked a renewed interest. So what about the latest instalment? how does Human Nature stack up? it’s awesome. And that really isn’t me being bias. Some would say that it’s Double Eclipse only with a revived sound and pulse, but I think it’s more than that. I think this album bridges all the gaps between the different ideas and concepts that the other albums established. All of these bridged gaps combined to make this very enjoyable album. The heavy AOR anthems are songs to listen to driving down a highway at full speed, and the ballads have to be heard to be believed. I mentioned previously that keyboard player and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio, was partly responsible for the bands 20th anniversary revival. This will be the second Hardline album that he’s on and I don’t think I need to say that he (and the others) have done a great job.
This has been one of the highlights of rock/metal this year, new Axel Rudi Pell album last January, this Hardline album coming in October (the same date as the new Eden’s Curse album), and of course Johnny’s solo album in the near future. Speaking of Axel, his support act for this years european tour was Lords Of Black. So imagine my envy when there was no UK show (although I can completely understand since the UK has a big problem with concerts at the moment, and I did get to see crush 40 again last summer, so it wasn’t a complete loss). At the end of the year when it comes to deciding what the best album of 2016 was, personally in my opinion; its going to be a stiff competition between Lords Of Black second album, and Hardline Human Nature. Mark this release date.

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