Music Review: Lordi CD: Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs Demonarchy)


BY: Jussi Mikkonen

Available: Now

Label: AFM Records/Sony Music



Lordi’s eighth studio album has been released today and it’s awesome. Let me tell you why. Well first off it’s definitely different from the previous Lordi albums because it’s like a 2-in-1 package. The album is called Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs Demonarchy) so I’m going to review the so called a-side (Theaterror) first and after that I will give quick review about the b-side (Demonarchy)

So let’s start, shall we?


A-Side: Theaterror (Running Time: 26:41)


SCG8: One Message Waiting is kinda disgusting and is a very disturbing message left inside your answering machine from your ex who loves you beyond your death just like normal people would do if I’m not wrong?


Let’s go Slaughter He-Man (I Wanna Be the Beast-Man in the Masters of the Universe)


The keyboard sound makes you feel like you’re in the kingdom of Eternia and suddenly Lordi monsters appear in there wrecking the place and turning it into hell. Musically I get the feeling of a strong 80’s vibe because of the keyboard sound.  Maybe the song title could have been little shorter but in the end it does not fucking matter because what is cooler than slaughtering the one and only He-Man. Well.. NOTHING!


Hug You Hardcore is a very catchy song about fisting, twisted but extremely fun also. It is the first single release of the album and I gotta also mention that the music video has a censored and uncensored version. The main riff of this specific song is earworm material. Down with the Devil is a melodic and basic Lordi song with catchy chorus and best thing in this song is the cowbell oh god that is really sweet shit, and do you know why? Because it’s a fucking cowbell. Just to be sure that you understand C-O-W-B-E-L-L. Mary is Dead is a heavy Black Sabbath like sad ballad song about a murderer who helps the police and relatives of a young girl who has disappeared all of a sudden. I think it’s some kind of tribute to Dexter tv-series.


Sick Flick is a song that makes you smile and rock the hell outta yourself.  It’s melodic and it has catchy riffs once again. For me it was the most difficult song to get into but once I got in I found it to be one of the catchier songs on the album. Maybe the difficulty in this song was that I concentrated too much to finding story behind the lyrics and not the whole song. None for One is once again a basic melodic Lordi song about rivalry between siblings. Big brother is jealous of his little sister and well the story is a sweet horror story


And now the real treat..

B-Side: Demonarchy (Running Time: 37:38)


Well like Mr. L said in the interviews, the rest of the album is an conceptual story including the classic movie monsters Vampire, lycanthrope, witch and zombie. Actually I was kinda afraid how this’ll work out because Lordi has never before done things like this and when I listened for the first time to this side of the album, I felt kinda uneasy but I kept telling myself that it’s good just wait for it and when it hits it will hit hard…the second time I got into the songs and now I know the melodies and stuff so now I can concentrate on the actual story part and imagine myself in that landscape and witnessing the events of that bloody dinner party and rivalry between those cute little monsters. I can just imagine such a brutal but awesome ending.




I can’t give a low recommendation because I’ve always liked Lordi’s music but this record hits really hard and I liked the conceptual story so much and it has everything in place. All songs of the album are awesome but I got two clear personal favorites on the Theaterror side which are Let’s Go Slaughter He-Man and None for One but the conceptual side, Demonarchy ripped the heart out of my chest it’s so good. The whole album clocks about 1h and 4 minutes of your time but it’s worth it trust me. Oh I almost forgot, the album came out in many formats and as a fanatic I’ve ordered every one of them including regular black LP, Colored LP, Digipak regular CD etc.


The Booklets layout is once again awesome. On the left page you got the band members picture in the middle of the page and on sides you got profile picture of both sides of faces because the costumes split in half.  Like the album itself, after the promo pictures the booklet splits into half too. First you get a poster like picture introducing the characters of the story and then you get the lyrics and in the background you have close-ups of each character back. The cover also splits up just like everything else. I personally think that this piece of perfection is THE BEST Lordi album so far because it truly shows how diverse the band really is. In the future I hope that the band will continue this versatile line because this is… the thing and it’s good!



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