Music Review: ExcöriatoR CD: The Moaning of Life



Available: Now

Label: Heathen Tribes

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I am not sure if anyone is a Transformers fan from the 80’s but I am.  So in this review I am going to make a very unusual comparison between Transformers and ExcöriatoR.  This comparison is going to be based on the singer.  In the old Transformers cartoon there was a popular character named Grimlock who was a Dinobot and had a very gruff and tough sounding voice.  He also spoke in broken English.  While the singer of ExcöriatoR does not sing in broken English he does sound like a lot like Grimlock.  So ExcöriatoR sounds like a band Grimlock formed after he quit the Autobots and wanted rock out…Dinobot style!  Fuck you Optimus!

So aside from the Grimlock vocals what does ExcöriatoR sound like overall?  Well I was really impressed from the very beginning with the riffs contained on the album.  The riffs are a mix between old school heavy metal and thrash and gives the band an edge that really helps push the music forward and gives the sound an aggressive and urgent feel that immediately grabs you by the balls.  While the listener is sucked in by the breakneck riffs, vocalist Mon Nume counter balances these fast and furious riffs with his gruff and more hardcore vocal style that is slower paced.  Normally I would probably be against this and think it wouldn’t sound right but here Grimlock’s…I mean Mon’s vocals have a certain charisma that really compliments the catchy riffs the rest of the band puts out.

It should be noted the band re-recorded The Moaning of Life because they claim their drummer sucked.  I am not sure what the first guy sounded like but this re-recording sounds pretty fantastic if you are a fan of the metal from the early to mid-80’s.  It has a raw sound but sounds tight and professional and like the band knows how to play off of each other.  Songs like the opener War Shaping Beliefs is a fantastic way to open the album and the rest of the album is filled with other cool tunes that rock from start to finish.

ExcöriatoR has put out a pretty solid heavy metal/thrash album here that is enjoyable to listen to and to headbang to.  Who knew Grimlock could kick Decepticon ass and also rock it…METAL STYLE!

Me Grimlock say you suck at drumming Optimus!  Me kick you out of band and takeover Autobots!

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