Interview: Crematory

I had the pleasure to have an interview about Crematory, I’ve talked with Rolf, the guitar player of the band. The German gothic/doom metal band have released a new album under the name of ”Monument”.


Greeting, it’s my pleasure having this interview with you. When have you joined Crematory officially?
Rolf: Hi and thanks for having me! If I remember correct, it was in August 2015. I had the first meeting with Markus just before my holidays last year in June. After that, we rehearsed some songs and it was soon clear that this would work together. Really happy about this!

‘’Monument’’ is the newest release, what is the concept behind this album?
Rolf: The band is very proud of what they’ve accomplished in the last 25 years. We are really happy that we’re doing what we’re doing after 25 years. So I think the album stands for 25 years of making music with all the ups and downs the music business has to offer. We wanted to prove at least for us that we still can make a great album and go out and deliver a killer show. It’s a very energetic album. It has variety, those electronic elements and in the same time sounds fresh and up to date.  It features hard guitar riffs and powerful grooves, dark Keyboards lines combined with killer growls and clean vocals.

Also, how the recording process went?
Rolf: This time it was a longer production than we thought it would be. Cause Mathias left in the beginning of it and the band had to think and sat together what to do. But as soon as the decision was clear that they’ll go on, we continued recording. So the producer Kohle did play lots of guide guitars during the pre production for the new album. In the end Tosse and I replaced some of them. Normally it’s not stressful cause, we don’t do it in one run. There is always time between sessions. Our producer Kohle has lots of things to do and we book whenever he is free and so it generally takes a bit longer than it might take with other bands. This gives us time in between and we can prepare the next sessions and recordings very well.


How the new songs are transmitted to the public?
Rolf: We decided to play six songs from the new record in our live set which is quite a lot and they are really well received by the fans and are fun to play. With new members in the band it just felt right to include lots of songs from the new album to the live set list. Though we play a best of from the old stuff too.

How is the feedback gotten for ‘’Monument’’ so far?
Rolf: The album was well received by the fans and the media and we are very happy about that. We went into the german Top 100 charts and also were high on amazon charts. The videos have a great view amount on Youtube. People told us they were a bit afraid what might happen with Crematory and how they will sound with new members, but when they heard the new stuff and got used to the songs, they felt in love with it. All in all lots of positive and great feedback.

Are you planning to tour to promote the new release?
Rolf: Yes, of course we play live to promote the album. We’re not doing longer tours these days but instead play selected festivals and club shows in Europe. We did a release show near our home in Mannheim in May, invited a couple of Bands to play with us and celebrated the release. By the way that was the first gig for me with Crematory. We have a couple of shows coming and are constantly booking stuff. In October for example we have 8 shows.

Which would be your favorite Crematory album?
Rolf: There are many great albums but I do love the new one the most.

How is Crematory seen in the German metal scene in your point of view?
Rolf: Well, the band is established since many years, plays large festivals and wherever we go fans are enthusiastic and great. The albums always go into the charts and in our genre the band has a great name and is kind of unique.

In what other bands are you active or you have been into?
Rolf: Nothing else right now. I played with Tony Martin for about three years back in 2009, I recorded an album with the Dead End Heroes in 2013, I did four albums with Empire which included artists like Neil Murray, Tony Martin. Doogie White, Don Airey etc., and had a Band called Razorback with Swedish singer Stefan Berggren, were we did three albums and a European tour back in 2007. And played from 2003 to 2006 in Majesty. Beside Crematory I work full time as a producer in my own studio called Empire Studios.

What message do you have for the supporters?
Rolf: I want to say that it’s important that fans should buy an album instead of streaming it. There is such a low licensing rate for musicians in the streaming business that is absolutely makes no sense for musicians to stream their music. Music in general lost a lot of value in the last years and if you want to bring back that value, we all have to invest in music again. Good culture and good art needs support.

Thank you very much for the interview. Cheers and hope to see you on stage soon!
Rolf:  Thanks so much for the interview. All the best!

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