Music Review: Sabaton CD: The Last Stand

Sabaton - The Last Stand - Artwork

Available: Now

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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Ah!  Sabaton!  The band that never lets me down!  For me, Sabaton is one of the modern era metal band heroes.  They write catchy songs, have a great live show, have a great relationship with their fans and are just FUN to both watch and listen to.  All of these things combined in today’s modern digital age, is important for a band to have.  Sabaton have successfully carved out a niche in the metal genre by focusing mostly on military history and with a charismatic singer like Joakim Broden relating the stories of those histories you have a recipe for great success.

So now we come to Sabaton’s latest offering, ‘The Last Stand’ which like their last album ‘Heroes’, focuses on the more intimate stories of war  instead or more broader scoped tales.  The theme of course on this album is battle encounters that seemed hopeless or lost.  And yet again Sabaton put their awe inspiring anthem-styled music to these stories that you can’t help but be inspired by.  Nothing exemplifies this better than the titular track, ‘The Last Stand’ which has a fantastic chorus that surely will translate great to a large, live audience.

Also the tales on this album span various time periods unlike ‘Heroes’ which focused primarily on World War II.  We have songs based on the Spartan’s stand against the Persians, the tale of the Lost Battalion in World War I, a song about a battle in the Soviet/Afghan conflict in the 80’s, among other time periods as well.  This is one of the strongest points of the album as well, as fans of other historical eras will likely find something here they will like instead of just having to ‘settle’ for World War II songs.

Now the big question is, ‘Is the album worth my time?’ The short answer of course is YES!  If you are already a Sabaton fan, then this album will satisfy your Sabaton cravings and it offers up some nice juicy songs that bleed Sabaton blood.  Songs like ‘The Last Stand’, ‘The Lost Battlion’ and ‘The Winged Hussars’ are 100% Sabaton.  That is what makes Sabaton, Sabaton…you know what you are going to be getting.  Now, if you are not a fan of Sabaton…you still are not going to become a Sabaton fan from this album.  However, if you love anthems, high energy songs that make you feel good and patriotic and…hell if you like just FUN music and like to see a band that have positive attitudes and treat their fans well both on and off stage…then Sabaton is your band and ‘The Last Stand’ won’t disappoint!

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