Music Review: Running Wild CD: Rapid Foray

Available: August 26th, 2016

Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Official Websites:


Running Wild_Rapid Foray_1500x1500px


FINALLY!!!!!  FINALLY we get the Running Wild album we deserve!  After ‘Rogues en Vogue’, Rock n Rolf decided to hang up the musket and sword and retire his life of Piracy for other pursuits.  However, after several years he got the itch to sail the seas of Pirate Metal once again and released ‘Shadowmaker’ followed by ‘Resilient’  These two albums were OK but for comeback albums I still felt they weren’t really top Running Wild material or what the band is known for.  Granted, Running Wild has only been Rolf with fill in musicians, with Peter Jordan being the exception, back even before he decided to call it quits but even then those albums before the retirement still sounded like Running Wild.  The last two albums after the comeback didn’t seem to have the spirit of Running Wild in them.

Well boy am I glad to say ‘Rapid Foray’ finally seems to be the comeback album the band needed to put out.  The album actually sounds like it is a whole band playing together and having fun.  The songs are catchy and have a fire to them that I haven’t heard in a Running Wild album since probably ‘Victory’ and ‘Victory’ isn’t exactly the strongest Running Wild album out there.  If you want a comparison of ‘Rapid Foray’ to other RW albums the closest comparison for me is probably ‘Blazon Stone’.

This is the most evident with the opening track, ‘Black Skies, Red Flag’ which sounds very ‘Blazon Stone’ era.  Other songs on the album like the anthem ‘By the Blood of your Heart’, ‘Warmongers’, ‘Rapid Foray’ and the super catchy tune ‘Into the West’ show a true return to form for Running Wild.  And the closer of the album, ‘Last of the Mohicans’ shows Rolf can still write damn catchy, long songs like in the past with ‘Genesis’.

There is a flaw or two for me with the album.  I do wish the production on the album sounded a bit more beefier and thick.  This has been an issue for me on the past few albums from Running Wild as the albums sound a bit too thin.  There are also a few songs in the mix that are bit on the filler side but otherwise there is more good than bad.

‘Rapid Foray’ is the album Running Wild fans have been waiting for.  Rolf seems to have found the old inspiration again. And whatever water he is drinking in Germany to get his creative juices flowing like this, but he needs to keep drinking it as I think he can still put out some rocking tunes and I think the next album can be even better!  Bring on ‘Black Hand Inn Part 2’!

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