Music Review: Majesty of Revival CD: Duality


By: Scott Foster

Label: More Hate Productions

Available: June 25th, 2016

Official Websites


Well, it’s certainly been a while since my last review. Just as I’m thinking the business of life has me hanging up my keyboard…or whatever, a review request comes across my desk that piques my interest. This time we have Ukrainian band Majesty of Revival with their latest release, Duality. The press release promises influences ranging from gothic, to symphonic metal, to folk. Now, if you’ve read more than one of my reviews (and you most likely have NOT) then you know that symphonic and folk are going to especially get my attention.


OK, when you have a press release talking about going cross-genre you have to wonder exactly what you’re going to get. Duality manages to maintain a cohesion of sound. Honestly, is this album cross genre? I suppose that could be argued. If you listen, the influences are there for sure, but I felt it was more sitting in symphonic metal rather than veering off to pop or anything like that. Which, keeping in mind that I’m a sucker for symphonic metal, is not a bad thing at all. The release also promises “mighty rhythm” and “masterful guitar.” I will agree with those statements. The technical abilities of the band to deliver a polished album are certainly there. I found it a thoroughly enjoyable album.


My one complain would be with the mix. At times I found that the vocals and keyboards just weren’t cutting through the way I would have preferred. It was more pronounced on the vocals. Which was a shame, because when you listened close there were some very cool things going on with both. However, while at times it was difficult to make out the lyrics the voice as an instrument worked well with the rest of the instruments. Overall, while I would have like to been able to make out the lyrics a bit better the impact on my enjoyment of the album was minor. It’s definitely not prevented me from listening again.




DP: Vocals, Guitar

Johannes Krauser: Keyboards

Tom Penzel: Bass

Vasiliy Iržak: Drums

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