Music Review: Killer Khan CD: Kill Devil Hills



Available: Now

Label: Heaven and Hell Records

Official Websites:


Ok, I am a bit late to the game here as apparently the band has a current release from April of this year you can listen to in the Bandcamp link above.  However this was the promo available to me…so…you get a Kill Devil Hills review.  You’re welcome!

So what can say about Killer Khan?  Well from their bio they hail from the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina and apparently made their debut back in the in 1990’s.  Not exactly a prime time to be a metal band…especially coming from the Southern area of the United States.  However let’s talk about what we have in present day shall we?  What we got is a band that blends in Black Sabbath/Candlemass styled vocals with a traditional heavy metal sound musically and the occult and mystical lyrical stylings of early doom bands.  That in a nutshell is what you have with Killer Khan.  You can’t really label them a doom band since musically they are faster paced and more melodic but you can’t really place them into a traditional/power/speed metal band either due to the vocals.  This, fortunately for Killer Khan, sets them a bit apart from other bands.

Another good attribute for Killer Kahn is that they can write songs that capture the listener and draws them into the songs.  If you are a vocal guy, Killian Khan’s vocals are fantastic on the album and if you are more a riff/hooks/melody guitar guy the songs are filled with that as well.  If you are a lyric guy…then Killer Khan has got you covered there as well with their esoteric stylings and well-crafted stories they weave into their songs.  Songs like Mt. Olympus, Alamo and Wicked Chimes of Southern Bells are all pretty killer tracks…even though I found myself wondering, ‘Isn’t chimes and bells two different things?’  Oh well, who gives a shit, still a pretty good song.

The production of the album is pretty top notch as the band sounds great with a thick and beefy sound which surrounds the band with a nice warm sound and makes them sound more like a full and cohesive unit.

So, while Killer Khan has influences from all spectrums of metal, which usually turns into a mess for most bands, they pull it off fantastically. All and all I found Killer Khan’s ‘Kill Devil Hills’ to be a fun and rocking album.  If you can manage to find this album pick it up wither through bandcamp or some other way if possible.  You won’t be disappointed.

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