Music Review: NUKE CD: NUKE

NUKE - web band


Available: July 22nd, 2016

Label: Hells Headbangers

Official Websites:


I really enjoy when I find bands that normally would stay hidden from view if not for the power of the internet and/or getting promos from labels who excel in trying to showcase underground bands.  Such is the case with NUKE, whose line-up consists of various members of the local Detroit metal and punk music scene.  The band describe their sound as a mixture of VERY early Running Wild, ACCEPT, splashes of Iron Maiden and various other bands with a good heavy dose of the ugliness of Detroit City.  This could be a recipe for a big belly flop of disaster but interestingly enough…it comes out as a glorious testament of raw, ugly and pure heavy metal from one of the most heavy metal cities left in America.

When you first put on NUKE you are treated to a sound bite from RoboCop 2 for the opening track ‘Nuke Me Baby’.  Then the song launches into a chaotic frenzy of bombastic drums, ripping vocals and almost out of control guitar solos and riffs.  It all comes together in pure glorious metallic form.

Launching into the second track, ‘Metal Inferno’ is where you will begin to hear shades of Running Wild in the guitar work and Iron Maiden in the solos.  This song also sounds a bit better held together than the opening track in terms of sounding tighter but the aggression and Rock City attitude is still present in the song. Another great song

These are just the first two songs I give as examples but the whole album is filled with equally great tunes and you get hit with these one after the other on the album.  NUKE never really lets up in both its tempo and aggressiveness.  The lyrical themes suit the musical style of this band as well.  Themes like horror, post-apocalyptic wastelands and just a general dystopian society are all covered here.  Also, make no mistake, NUKE is an ugly, putrid and disgusting form of heavy metal that reflects the decay of the city they come from and because of all these things NUKE is truly a remarkable heavy metal album that calls to you to explore the underbelly of the metal scene it comes from.


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