NoN- ”Sancta Sanctorum” album review

I was waiting to listen this album so much and all I can say is that I am very impressed by this amazing work!
Comparing with the previous release, ‘’Sacra Massa’’, Sacnta Sanctorum is a full-length, containing 10 amazing tracks.

The album is more dark, including a little ambiental elements which makes the songs to sound more interesting, aswell the album is heavier, to point exactly the song ‘’Ancora Resto’’ is like this.

‘’Come L’ombra’’,(you can watch it below) and ‘’Reti E Pareti’’ are my favorite songs from this release. First, ‘’Come L’ombra’’ has exactly all the elements of ambient and dark and the video is also interesting and has a story behind it. Second, ‘’Reti E Pareti’’ is the only ‘’soft’’, relaxing and beautiful song of the album, sending to me emotions.

Doesn’t matter in what language the songs are, for me the most important thing as an album to be great is the sound of it and then, Sancta Sanctorum has a perfect sound, all the instruments can be heard and as mentioned earlier, I like it more because it has ambiental elements too.

 Sancta Sanctorum is a beautiful album, NoN is an amazing Italian band which does amazing music, I don’t think I have anything else to mention about the band or the album. I suggest this band to you all!

Sancta Sanctorum
Bukowski Piange
Tutto Il Mondo Sotto Un Sasso
Cosi Felice
La Tela Del Ragno
Come L’ombra
Ancora Resto
Reti E Pareti
La Paura

Favorite song: Come L’ombra, Sostanza, Reti E Pareti.



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