TUSKA FESTIVAL 2016: Day 3 Report

Block Buster now open for movie rentals…oh wait…

So now we come to the final day of Tuska.  Luckily for my old ass the day isn’t filled with tons of bands and I can relax a bit more.

I LUV Hair in my face

The first band to open the day on the main stage is Kuopio, Finland’s hard rock act, Block Buster.  These guys have been making some noise here in Finland lately and starting to get some positive momentum going behind them.  In a country full of heavy metal it is good to hear some bands still out there playing some good old fashioned hard rock.  Today was a big day for the band as they got to play on the main stage at Tuska and they sounded great.  Playing songs like, ‘Bark of the Underdogs’, and ‘Ain’t on the Chain’ the band really delivered some great hard rock tunes to the fans for the day.  I have seen Block Buster several times and they always deliver a high energy show and they never disappoint in their performance.  Today was no different and I hope the fans that got to see the band for the first time were left impressed.

Next up on the Helsinki Stage was Danish black metal act Myrkur.  Fronted by Amalie

Look how evil my white dress is!

Bruun the band is essentially a one woman project in the studio but live she does tour with a band.  I followed Myrkur loosely off and on because I was always impressed with her very impressive clean singing voice and she has posted several videos on her Facebook page of her performing backstage of venues and in churches and I was always very impressed with her voice.  So I was interested in seeing her live.  Taking the stage in a white dress, Myrkur played the keyboard, sang and also played guitar during her set along with her band.

Overall I was really impressed with Myrkur.  Again I am not a big black metal fan so when it came to the screaming type vocals I become a little uninterested but otherwise her clear singing voice live is very impressive and it was very interesting to see her show.  I found it kind of funny at the end of her set she curtsied with her dress and gave a shy thank you to the crowd.  Very…black metal right?  😀



During this time the heavens opened up and the rain came pouring down like crazy and I was trapped under the tent for some time before I could travel the festival grounds again freely.  In which time Diablo was set to go on next after Myrkur.  This band is very popular here in Finland and so I decided to try and give them a listen…and well…I was not impressed.

GODZILLA!!!  I Mean GoJira!!!!!

After the rain finally stopped I roamed around a bit until the band Gojira was set to go on.  I knew nothing of this band at all but they were recommended to me to check out.  At first the songs didn’t really do much for me, as they played on I did hear a few songs that seemed ok but for me they didn’t really light a fire under me either.  They seem to have a strong following here in Finland however and the lead singer even commended the Finnish fans for supporting the band and doing their homework and was grateful for the support here in Finland.

Check out my sexy Leg..That is why they call me sexy Alexi

Finally we come to the end of the night and the mighty Children of Bodom took the main stage.  Again, this is another very famous Finnish metal band that have managed to carve themselves out a place in the metal world which is no small feat especially in an era of digital music and where everyone can be a ‘band’ and produce music in their basement in the matter of just a few days.  So for Bodom to achieve the success they have in this day and age is something to be proud of.

As a result of this success they constantly headline shows here in Finland are able to travel abroad to the United States and have a good touring career.  The band also tries to make sure they support other local acts when they play large festivals like Tuska by bringing out members of other bands at the end of their set to show solidarity within the metal community here in Finland.  For this I think Bodom does a lot of positive things for the music scene here.

As for the show, Bodom put on a well-executed show that never ceased to impress me.  Alexi Laiho is a fantastic guitar player and has a fantastic sound live.  While Bodom are a death metal band they still show they like to have fun on stage and laugh and smile.  One of these fun moments was when Alexi invited on stage Netta Skog the accordion player for Ensiferum to play during a song.  It was a fun moment to see on stage and to watch Netta play crazy notes on her accordion.

Bodom put on a great final performance for the day at Tuska and it was a great way to end the festival.

Only you can prevent Barrel Fires…FUCKING HYPOCRITE!

Heard but Not Seen

As with all festivals it is impossible to see all bands but you can many times hear the bands from other stages.  There were a few of these bands that caught my attention and I wanted to tell you about them as well in case you wanted to check them out.

  • Cain’s Offering: Power metal from Finland featuring the singer of Stratovarius
  • Kvelertak: Band from Norway that plays straight up Heavy Metal

I want to thank the organizers and Grey Beard Concerts and Management for allowing me to attend Tuska this year.  It was a great experience and the bands were great.  I can’t wait until next year!

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