Interview: Aftermoon

Aftermoon interview, metal band from Ukraine.


Hello to you all. Introduce yourself and when have you founded as a band.
Ivan: Good aftermoon! Let`s start with a very beginning and introduce to the readers all of us: Valeri Laitinen – voice and lyrics, Ivan Popov – keyboards and piano or, as we use to call him, the Lord of the Keys, our Guitar hero – Roma Kovalenko, Dima Loboda stands for Drum Machine, and our grumpy bass is Serg Ryabcev.
Valeri: As it often happens, at first AFTERMOON was Ivan`s project (keyboardist) and it was completely another band with another music, another musicians, actually that band even had another title. But then I came and ruined everything 🙂 There were some changes during the years, musicians came and went, but finally  we found each other and these guys definitely rock!  I`m really happy to work with them.
Ivan: Our journey began in 2012 on April Fool’s day (a flying start, we guess), it was our first show, our debut as AFTERMOON. Since that day we played a lot of concerts and now we do our best to play more and more.

Signed a deal with the Italian label WormHoleDeath records to release your debut album ”Phase One”. What can you tell me about this album: concept, themes.
Dima: Sounds a little bit weird, but I guess I can compare this album with a postmature birth. We waited too long to release it, despite everything was done. Maybe it`s our fault, maybe not, but we wanted to make it perfect. And then more perfect. And then more then perfect. And again, and again, and again. The same way we were looking for the perfect label. Anyway, I hope we reached the target on the both ways. “Phase One” consists of our old songs, that were written when the band started, and of some new ones, that were written just before the release. The album is a reflection of our emotions, thoughts, experience, but our main goal was to make the thing that will reflect the feelings of every listener.
Valeri: Talking about “perfection”. Of course, it`s an illusion you can endlessly striving for, but we really have chosen the best things for this album. We had about 25 songs and chose from them these 12 tracks.


Where the recordings took place?
Ivan: The greatest part of the writing, recording and mixing process took place in our home studio in Kiev. We used a handcrafted vocal cabine to record vocals and an acoustic guitars. We recorded guitars and bass tracks at home or in our rehearsal studio. We have worked with Valeri (vocals), making this songs together step by step, sound by sound, building this wonderful and exciting story. I can’t even say, where is my note or musical idea and where is hers, because it was a discussion, sophistic “fight” and breathtaking musical research. And then we tested the songs at our rehearsals and at shows , because our listeners are the best judges for us.Working on this album as a creators, producers and mixing engineers gave us an incredible experience and for sure we will do it again.

What are the main things that influence you as a band?
Ivan: There are 5 “things”, that have the influence on the band: Ivan, Valeri, Roma, Dima and Serg. We inspire each other. When we work or just relax together the craziest ideas come up in our minds. We always discuss everything and make final decisions together. We hope, the things will go this way for a long time.

Before recording and releasing the debut album, were you more a cover band?
Ivan: Thank you for this interesting question! We make a lot of covers, it`s true, however we are not a cover band. We play covers because we try to make our live tracklist more diverse,  to add a little extra something in our shows (often we prepare a new appropriate cover for every concert).  And because audience loves covers. That`s why we play them, please our fans and have a great experience for ourselves (various genres, styles and sounds). But the main goal is our own music, definitely.

What is Aftermoon’s actual and next goal?
Ivan: Our plans are simple and clear. We released the album this May, so now we have to spread our music all over the world (WHD helps us on the way of our world domination. We just want to be good musicians, play in AFTERMOON, make great shows (each time more and more awesome:), bring joy and happiness to our fans (of course, heavy joy and metal happiness). Strictly speaking, we work on it. What’s next? For sure we may say something like “debut album is a good first step, the goal is reached, we can have a rest, stop making a new songs and videos”… No way. We continue our work and make it even faster, better, harder, stronger. We won`t stop and soon something new from AFTERMOON will come up.

Can you mention at least 6 favorite metal bands…?
Dima: I like different music. You can find in my playlist Michaele Jackson, Bach, or brutal finnish band like Enciferum. Still most of all I prefer power-metal. I like Helloween, Blind Guardian, Stratovarius. The most favourite bands are Scorpions, Finntroll and Behemoth.
Ivan: I prefer to make my playlist of the songs from different artists (sometimes I choose one song from the whole discography of a band). But if I have to list only six bands I choose Lacuna Coil, Korn, Nighwish, Within Temptation, Shinedown and Limp Bizkit. This amazing mishmash inspires me.
Valeri: I like this question, but it`s always kinda difficult for me to answer it, cause I do like very diverse music genres. I like pop music as well. Now, in the depth of night, while I`m writing the answers to this interview I`m listening to “Today`s Top 100 Pop and Rock” radio station. And I like it. Tomorrow, when I`ll be in the gym, I probably will be listening to my favourite Five Finger Death Punch, or Disturbed. Then when I`ll be on my way home, for warm summer evening I likely prefer  Lake of Tears or Imagine Dragons. I think music should both create and reflect emotions and mood, so it should be different for every occasion. But here`re the bands that live in my player for many years: Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, Billy Talent, Korn, The Rasmus, Poets of the Fall.
Roma: I prefer different genres. For now my leaders are: Moonspell, Nightwish, Katatonia, Anathema, early Lacrimas Prufundere, Eluveitie and some post-rock bands.

Since the new album is out, are you planning a tour over Europe?
Ivan: Sure we really want to visit Europe and do everything possible to organize the tour. And not only Europe, by the way. Still every tour depends on many aspects, e.g. how we succeed in the album PR. We can say exactly one thing: will do our best for you to see our concert posters in your city!

Ending this interview, want to say a message for the fans and readers?
Ivan: Thank you all for your interest in our music. All that we do, we do for you and because of you! You inspire us to create more and more! Listen to AFTERMOON, stay metal, stay cool! Together we can rock this world!

Thank you for your time and interview. Rock on!
Aftermoon: Thank you for these interesting questions! It was a great pleasure for us! Looking forward to the next interview!

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