Interview: Know Your Nemesis

An interview with Know Your Nemesis, metal band from Norway.


Greetings guys. Introduce Know Your Nemesis.
Hi Carla. We are four guys from the deep woods of Norway with a great passion for music and metal. We have been around for the last 7 years making songs and having a great time.

You signed a deal with the Italian label WormHoleDeath, how have you got in touch with the label?
We actually got in touch with them through the producer of our album. He found us and wanted to work with us and put us in touch with WormHoleDeath. They wanted to hear more from us, so we sent them some songs and they enjoyed them I guess, ‘cause here we are today with a record deal and an album released.

….and signing this deal, you have released your debut album under the name of ”Break The Chain”. How the recordings went so far?
During the process of recording the album we actually hit a few setbacks. 6 months before going to Italy to start recording, our drummer and bass player quit, so we were in a bit of a hurry to find someone to replace them, but luckilly both Birk and Ole Kristian are awesome musicians and great guys so that went really well. Also at the finishing stages of the recording the studio suffered from a power outage, so we missed almost two whole days in the studio, but with a couple of creative producers we got to record anyway, and we are very happy with how the album turned out.

What are the themes around ”Break The Chain”?
Some of the difficulties with releasing a first album after playing for 5 years is that the songs can be quite different from eachother since some are 4 years old and some are 6 months old, and we still continue to evolve as musicians. But our main goal when writing a song is to make it melodic. To have melodic parts with big leads and a nice clean voice together with the aggression of the rest of the music, is what makes the song exciting and adds contrast and movement to the song.


Are you planing to tour over Europe soon to promote the new release?

Hopefully yes. We don’t have anything scheduled at this point but time will show. We would definetly love to go on tour!

When it comes about the things that inspires you, what are those?
We get inspired by a lot of things actually. Everything from listening to new music from other bands and going to a concert, to just change the tunings on our guitars  and our guitarsounds.

Do you compare Know Your Nemesis with other metal bands, if yes, can you mentioned a few?
We don’t think we will compare us directly to someone else, but we definetly have bands that our music is inspired by. We are very different musicians with different musical backgrounds, so the bands that inspires us are many and different musical style-wise. On one side we have Iron Maiden and Dream Theater, and on the other side we have more heavier stuff like Killswitch Engage and In Flames.

Thank you for the interview guys! Do you have a message for the readers and metalheads aswell?
Take care of yourself and enjoy life and the good music. Listen to the album and hopefully we will see you all out there soon!

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