Music Review Dynazty CD: Titanic Mass


By: Callum (CJ) Lavender
Label: Spinefarm Records
Available: 15th April 2016
Official Website:
It’s been a while since I’ve done a Spinefarm release, so I figured I would do one and jump into another first time discovery. This album has been out for a couple of weeks now but I’d like to do it anyway because I was going to do another Spinefarm album that hasn’t come out yet. But in all honesty it sounded quite boring and Dynasty’s album deserves more attention in my opinion.

So what do we have here? We have a cool mixture of epic, synthponic, speed, power metal, balled anthems. No gimmicks. Just fast riffs, epic solo’s, powerful singing and all out great songs. This album could easily be used as an entire soundtrack to an action sic-fi movie or video game. The lyrics are fairly philosophical as well, especially with songs like ‘The Human Paradox’ and ‘Free Man’s Anthem’. And not the same kind of philosophical that you see in majorly annoying social media memes. But philosophical that fits the narrative of metal songs and the theme’s that make this sound like a concept album.
It would be cliche to describe this album as sounding like Rhapsody Of Fire with Dio vocals, but that’s one of the ways to describe it. I don’t say that in an insulting way but this is nothing new to long time melodic synthphonic metal fans. And every song pretty much sounds the same which might be a turn off for some, but for me I think it works in their favour.
I don’t want to sound like a suck up when I come across an epic album that’s getting harder to find these days, but how else do you do it justice. Do I need to say that this album is awesome and you should all check it out? Well this album is awesome and you should all check it out!

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