CONCERT REVIEW: Reckless Love; Seinäjoki, Finland 2016


Report and Photos by: Samuli Keskitalo

After finishing their biggest and most successful European tour so far, Reckless Love are making a little tour in their homeland, which continued with the theme of the new album. ”The merry metallers” from Kuopio, Finland released their fourth full-length album (InVader) in early spring this year. The band’s drummer Hessu Maxx said before the album was released that InVader is the band’s boldest and most versatile album so far. And it seems like this particular record has also received good positive feedback in the media. I have spent much time with Reckless Love’s material before the show in Seinäjoki, and overall the new album may even be better than their  album Spirit from 2013. It is a very good and integrated rock album with only a couple of filler songs. Luckily the biggest part of the setlist that night was piled up with the songs from the InVader album – so let’s go for the blasting rock’n’roll night!

Temple Balls is a rock group from Oulu, Finland. Currently touring with Reckless Love and making some little waves in the music business. Last year they made a few succesful festival appearances, and seems like this year is going to be even bigger for them – a tour with Reckless Love, a few big festivals coming up in the summer again, and maybe new material coming out later this year. Their show before the main act contained a nice set of rock and roll and good-looking energy, especially when it  comes to the singer of the band, named Arde. There were only a handful of people checking out Temple Ball’s show, but those who were there seemed to be pretty much into this band. They managed to make a good impression to me, and I could see  myself at their own headlining show. A cover track Whole Lotta Rosie from AC/DC closed up their part of the night. Well done, Temple Balls!
DSC_0168I haven’t ever been to a Reckless Love’s headlining show, so this was something new for me. I knew they can put on a  good rock show every night, and their hit songs would definitely work good in a live situation. The setlist kicked off with the song Animal Attraction. Not the fastest one, but a very catchy chorus and a good feeling through the entire song. After that they put a little more speed and power into the machine with the song So Happy I Could Die. After those two songs the singer Olli Herman, also known as H. Olliver Twisted, made a little speech and warmly welcomed everyone into the show. The song called We Are The Weekend was the first one played from the new record, then the new music video song Monster before they continued with some older hit songs. Special points goes to Jalle Verne’s bass sound which sounded pretty massive. It fit very nicely with the So Happy I Could Die because of its fast tempo.

With no troubles or sound mistakes the evening went forward. Beautiful Bomb, DSC_0217Scandinavian Girls, Badass and Edge Of Our Dreams during which Olli Herman again thanked the audience saying everyone out there at Rytmikorjaamo were worth gold because buying a ticket for the show and having a time to come out watch and support the live music. There weren’t very many people but the few songs that contained cool singalongs left me with the feeling that it sounded like there could have been three times the amount of people as there really was. Especially on the song On The Radio the audience sang very nicely and loud. Maybe the greatest hit of Reckless Love, Night On Fire, was played as the last song before the band left the stage for a while. Hessu raised up behind his drum kit to play a little jungle-themed intro with his percussions before the song. Night On Fire was also one of my most awaited songs of the night, and it was the right choice to keep it until the end of the setlist.
DSC_0327The group came back to the stage with two more songs to play, Child Of The Sun and Hot as a ending-song. I was satisfied about the songs they played this night – maybe Rock It from the new album was the only part to whine about. Also the musicians on the stage surely enjoid their time on there. Reckless Love clearly has their own fan bases who really enjoys what the band does on stage and outside of it. That kind of glam and hard rock bands have always had the same role models and idols, and I’m pretty sure that if Reckless Love would have been founded in the 80’s they would now be just as big as their biggest idols, like Mötley Crüe and Def Leppard. Those hit songs with sweet and catchy choruses and melodies has the same potential and power as those songs from those famous 80s bands but maybe the main question today would be that can these kind of bands grow today as big as those legends from the 80’s?

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