Interview Lady Reaper

Interview with Simone Iron, vocalist of the Italian heavy metal band, Lady Reaper.


Hi Simone, how are things going?
The only way things can go between three university students, a high school student and a conservatory student – splendid. Jokes aside, we’re very hyped and ready to launch ourselves beyond Italy’s boundaries.

Tell me when Lady Reaper was born.
Just like every other group, Lady Reaper was born between school desks. The project came to life once Simone (vocals) and Berardo (drums) had met, when they were only 17 years old… Oh, wait – they might have been younger still! The current lineup has been such for about a year now – the last one to become a part of the band was Federico (Red), and we have to admit we find ourselves quite happy with him, you should see how good he is on the stage.

This year you debuted with the album “Drink My Soul”. Tell me about it.
Our first album is technically called “Lady Reaper”, but many call it “Drink My Soul” as a result of the words written on the artwork. Lady Reaper/Drink my soul is a lightning shard (NdT: o solo shard? scheggia nel senso di pezzetto/frammento, o nel senso di velocità? Fate vobis) of about 29 minutes, on which we’ve poured out our very first songs and our very first musical experiences.We’ve taken Rick Rubin’s quote very seriously “Less is more”. We recorded in record time (pun intended) an album which is both simple and enjoyable; our priority as a debut album was to have people listen to it, to make it stick inside people’s minds. As you may have guessed from the artwork, we’ve created a simple, yet effective creature: both enjoyable for its listening simplicity, and played WELL! 100% 80s Heavy Metal.

Have you got any good reviews for the album?
Definitely! Here in Italy they’ve appreciated the quality of the recordings and the precision of all band members. The international webzine Metal Temple brought us to tears with an amazing and excited review and many more have appreciated our word for its ease and spontaneity. What more to say? There will always be those who listen very little and judge very easily, a few (very few, fortunately) webzines have not grasped the sense behind this album, defining it as something very basic and far too simple, while it was still well-performed. Others have not deemed it lengthy enough – too short, too 80s. But that’s exactly the point! Ours is a tribute to music without compromise, to the music that we like! No labels, no genre! We’re 20-year olds that are attempting to relive an amazing era that we were not lucky enough to be a part of.

Did you start to write new materials?
We have enough material for about three albums.. Or perhaps more.

What are Lady Reaper’s influences?
We don’t have just one genre or band that we consider our main influence. We like to draw from all the music scene, with no distinction. We take a bit of everything. Music is meant to be listened to – and we’re listeners, first and foremost.

Who writes the music and the lyrics in the band?
“Guys, this riff I wrote is going to knock your socks off!” – that’s pretty much how all Reapers’ songs are born.We work together as far as the song goes, in it’s whole. There’s obviously going to be the one who wrote the riff, giving directions and guidelines, but I challenge anyone to find a song that’s been written by just one of us, alone. As far as lyrics go, it’s the other way around: I’ll chop off the hands of whoever tries to interfere! Just kidding – but the lyrics are mainly written by me (the singer), but anyone’s free to pitch in.

What about concerts?
Many, so many! We’ve played loads in the last year and with very interesting names (Manilla Road and Grim Reaper!), and we’d really like to take our band outside of Italy.. Have others listen to us around Europe – who knows…

Do you have something to say for the fans?
Yeah, just one thing: find the music you love! Search for your true music, that one song that gives you goosebumps; don’t settle for TV-publicized products, sold by talent shows – that’s not real music.. It’s not culture!

Thank you for the answers Simone, cin cin!
Cheers my friend! Lady Reaper loves you so much!

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