Music Review Lita Ford CD: Time Capsule

By: Callum (CJ) Lavender
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Available: 15th April 2016
Official Website:
Lita’s name rang a bell but I couldn’t remember where from. So doing some quick searches to refresh my memory, it’s a pleasure to be able to listen to her latest release, especially with the background and history she has. So what kind of album is it? Well it’s hard to really label it as anything specific because it includes a lot of variety of the rock spectrum. This is good.

At first I thought it was a best of album or a concept album, but reading the description it turns out to be a special release of b-side singles that didn’t make it on to previous album. This is an album to go with the 40 year documentary that’s being released of her work (lots of bands/musicians releasing documentaries lately). The songs consist of her and her celebrity musician friends jamming and recording these songs for fun. Which I think a lot of people can get behind.
The best song on Time Capsule is ‘Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight’ and not just because it features Jeff Scott Soto. But also because its a fantastic type of American college rock balled that seems to have all but disappeared when grunge and pop punk came along. Nothing necessarily wrong with those genres, they just over took that type of AOR when it came out. I would recommend everyone buy ‘Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight’ the moment it comes out.
The first 6 songs are really enjoyable and well made. The opening also has a nice sense of humour. They are very well made songs. However the rest of the songs kind of start to slip in my opinion. It might have something to do with the instrumentals. Nothing wrong with instrumentals I just usually prefer instrumentals with context i.e being part of a soundtrack.
Did I enjoy the album on the whole? Yes I did. Would I recommend it? It’s well worth checking out but it is not a top priority. But with that happy 40 years Lita, congratulations on all your achievements!

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