CONCERT REVIEW:Nile; Tampere, Finland 2016


Photos and report by : Samuli Keskitalo

Nile’s What Should Not Be Unearthed European Tour Pt. I didn’t land in Finland last year but the second part of the European tour contained a couple shows here. A very good thing because Nile’s huge death metal shows are always pretty much metal at its best. Last time I saw them was about four years ago, so now the new album is out and also there is a new bassist in the band, Brad Parris. The show in Tampere at Klubi and there was a pretty nice amount of people.

In my opinion Italy has never been much of  a heavy metal land, at least when it comes to the bands which have made a name for themselves outside of Italy. Embryo from Italy was the group who started the night, and to me they didn’t sound very special. There were some good parts here and there and some songs contained very cool guitar solos played by finger tapping style but the ensemble didn’t pull on a overall great show. There were only a handful of people at this point at Klubi– and the band had a little over a 30 minute lasting setlist for their stage time. Embryo’s music contained parts from melodic death metal and also some metalcore elements, so if you think you would like to hear these types of metal styles feel free to check them out!

Before Nile we had some mystical winds from the Middle East: Melechesh. I remember that group from some festivals and they have been touring also as a special guest for Nile in their European tour in 2011 but actually this was my first time when I really checked them out. And it was worth it:  Ashmedi’s vocals sounded very angry and good, and also the whole band seemed to be in the great fit overall. A special mention goes for the riffs which sounded strong and very metal. I’m a guy who knows only a couple of songs from that band but all those songs sound unique and immediately identifiable. Maybe it tells me I have to finally check their albums out.

South Carolina extreme and technical metallers Nile is a very unique and awesome band: It doesn’t matter what songs from their catalogue they plays because they work every time. And I really mean every time. Their setlist started with a nice intro tape, Egyptian themed of course, and it followed by Sacrifice Unto Sebek. Karl Sanders is in my opinion a singer who’s grunt vocals are one of the lowest I’ve heard but live it goes even more lower, especially in that starter song his voice sounded great und unbelievable. The audience was immediately with them, and the setlist continued with Defiling The Gates Of Ishtar, Kafir, Hittite Dung Incantation which is maybe my favorite song from Nile’s material right now. ”Metal people have a great unity, and maybe other unities should try to learn something from that”, said the main vocalist Dallas Toler-Wade, and the evening went forward.
When the newest album, What Should Not Be Unearthed came out, Nile toured in Europe and after that in the USA earlier this year. I’m not completely sure but somehow I have a feeling that this new album has now an even larger picture. Nile played for example In The Name Of Amun and the title track of the new album, and they sounded good even if I haven’t been very much into this specific record. Actually at this point What Should Not Be Unearthed CD is maybe the weakest album of Nile, and I liked At The Gates Of Sethu more in 2012, unlike many others. Anyway, when we are talking about ”the weakest album of Nile” it’s still beats many other band’s best records pretty easily.

Nile has had many bassists in their career. My earlier Nile shows has been with Chris Lollis and Todd Ellis on a bass guitar. Todd’s and Nile’s ways seperated last year and the new man Brad Parris took his place. I was very satisfied how Brad played those songs through. He also took the crowd with him at some parts but maybe he didn’t sing the background vocals as much as the earlier bassists have done. I hope he stays with Nile because he is very skillful and talented.


Some highlights for me was when Ithyphallic and The Howling Of The Jinn was played. The second to last song was Sarcophagus and for the last one, as many times earlier, Black Seeds Of Vengeance. If I remember correctly they played Unas Slayer Of The Gods as a last song in some concerts possibly in the USA tour. This song would be maybe on the top of my wish list of Nile songs to hear. Overall, Nile is in a great shape, all vocal sections and blasting guitar riffs were as they were meant to be. And of course the drummer George Kollias is always like a pharaoh’s whip!


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