Interview Kalidia

An interview I had about Kalidia with the vocalist of the band, Nicoletta, a melodic metal band from Italy.


Hello to you Nicoletta and thank you for your time answering this interview. You’re the vocalist of Kalidia, an Italian Gothic metal band. When the band was founded?
Hi Carla, thank you so much for this interview. Kalidia born in late 2010 by an idea of me and Federico Paolini (guitars); we released a demo-EP called “Dance of the Four Winds” in 2012 and it was well-acclaimed. This result pushed us to compose new material and we released a full album (“Lies’ Device”) in 2014. During these years we shared the stage with many bands/artists like Rhapsody of Fire, DGM, Vision Divine, Timo Tolkki, Edu Falaschi, Kaledon, Silent Voices (feat. Members of Sonata Arctica).

You debuted in 2014 with ”Lies’ Device”. What feedback have you got for this album and how the recordings were going?
After the released of our demo-EP, we decided to do a full length; so we entered the “Eden Studios” and we recorded “Lies’ Device”, produced by Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine). We recorded that album in a friendly atmosphere and we learned a lot from Alex, it was a totally positive experience. The album was self-released in June 2014 and it received a great feedback, both from fans and webzines; we gained a cool fan-base from all over the world!


Togheter with the Italians 4th Dimension you’ve decided to release a split album which came out this year. Who came with this idea?
It’s a 7” split picture disc which contains our single (the titletrack “Lies’ Device”) and 4th Dimension’s one (“Kingdom of Thyne Illusions”); me and Andrea Bicego (4th Dimension’s singer) are very close friends and we are both vinyl collectors. It was a common dream to release our music on vinyl so we decided to join forces and do it! This release is really a collector item: strictly limited to 300 copies handnumbered, available only at Kalidia’s Bandcamp store!

Are you going to release a new album soon? You have a new single out this year ”Ed Il Buio Se Ne Andra”, is this a song taken from the future album?
We completed 12 new songs and the new album production is already started, together with KR Music – Germany; in the next months, we’ll fly to Germany to record it. So, our second album is coming this year! “Ed il buio se ne andrà” is the Italian version of our ballad “Shadow will be Gone”, taken from our first album; we released the song as free download to thank all of our supporters.

It looks like you aren’t signed with a label yet. Have you found a record label to sign and release the future materials?
We got some offers from labels before “Lies’ Device” was released but none satisfied us, that’s why we decided to self-released our first album; we don’t have any plans yet for the new album, who knows!

Tell me about your personal influences. Are you the one who’s writing the lyrics in the band?
Yes, I always take care of the lyrics; as seen in “Lies’ Device”, also the new songs are about mythology, history, literature and fantasy, exept made for some songs with personal themes. Speaking of my personal musical influences, I took inspiration from singers and artists like Roy Khan, Fabio Lione, Joachim Cans and Russell Allen,

Where the fans can see you live soon?
We’ll do some final shows for our “Lies’ Device” promotion, 2 in Italy (April) and 4 in UK (May), after that we’ll take a break to complete the recording of the new album.

How do you see Kalidia in the metal scene of Italy?
Well, I think we gained some space in the Italian scene since we played in all the country supporting great and well-known bands, but we had even more response from our supporters outside Italy, so I prefer to see Kalidia in a more global way!

A last question, what message do you have for the ones that are supporting the band?
The message I have for our supporters is: THANK YOU for your endless support! You truly pushed us to make more music and we owe you a lot! Hugs to all of you!

Thank you again for this one. Hope to see you soon. Cheers!
Thank you again, dear Carla!


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