Interview Libria

Interview with Marianna Alfieri (vocals, guitar player) about the metal band Libria.


Hi Marianna, how are you?
Hi Carla, I’m fine, thank you!

When was Libria formed?
The project Libria was formed in 2010 during the most distressing and painful period of my life. I started composing music and elaborating the concept, while I was trying to get out of that hard situation. Therefore, the gestation of Libria accompained, witnesses and helped this “rebirth”.

You have released the debut album in 2013 via WormHoleDeath records entitled ”Immortal Daughter of Aesthenics”, tell me a about it.
I composed ”Immortal Daughter Of Aesthetics” by myself; the music, arrangements, lyrics, concept, artwork. Some musicians and friends helped me recording the album: Fabio Palombi, co-producer, recorded vocals, drums (played by Massimo Marandino) and worked on the final mix in his BlackWave Studio (Genova- Italy); Elena Alice Fossi and Alessia Cavalieri recorded some additional vocals in “Dies Natalis”; Francesca Dardani recorded the whole violin scores. The album was mastered by Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Studio in Genova- Italy.

Are you going to release new stuffs soon?
After the release of ”Immortal Daughter of Aesthenics”, I experienced a strong sense of “emptyness”: I exhausted all the energies ,creativity and inspiration. I needed a new lymph to breath in  a new way, different from the past. I entered a new musical dimension, far from anything I ever listened to in my life. This artistic transition still lasts and I don’t know how and when I will release a second album for Libria. Anyway, the first album of a new project will be released very very soon… I cannot give details yet, but stay tuned, because I’m sure it is a very interesting stuff…


What are Libria’s influences?
The name Libria was inspired by “Equilibrium”, a Kurt Wimmer’s film (2002). Libria isa city-state in a dystopic future society based on a strong absolutepower, where people minds are controlled giving them a daily dose of Prozium, a drug which suppresses emotions. I consider the city-state of Libria as a metaphor of our society: the economic and political power keeps on instilling every kind of stupid entertainment (a sort of “drug”) into people’s minds in order to blind them and prevent them from thinking. I believe there is a way to get out of this condition: detaching from physical senses, increasing the power of our mind with strong discipline and will, in order to be aware of the true reality, the spiritual one.

Also, what are the lyrical themes?
”Equilibrium’’, the opening track is directly inspired by Kurt Wimmer’s film: ”Eden’’ is about the fall of men, as told in the ’’Genesis and Dante’s Purgatory’’: we are convicted to go along with our earthly wishes, but we must try to escape from that and reach our original spiritual condition; ’’Equinox’’ and ’’Midsummer’’ are instrumental songs referring to two important astronomical events of the year: the moment since the Light begings to prevail over dark (Spring Equinox) and its apex (Summer Solstice); ”Space Blue’’ tells about the trip of a submarine/space ship cruising a deep ocean/space, as metaphor of a soul daring to explore the unknown, to find a different/upper reality; ”Dies Natalis’’ and the title-track ”Immortal Daughter of Aesthetics’’ tell about the person to which the album is dedicated and her death: a personal memory and a deep reflection about the meaning of life.

Have you ever played live or Libria is just a studio project?
At present Libria is a studio project. Therefore we didn’t planned any live show.

Beside Libria, you were active in other band like Dark Lunacy, Mourning Path…
Dark Lunacy is a dramatic death metal band from Italy. I joined the band in 2006, played many exciting shows all over the world, and left in late 2009, during the same period I was composing the first ideas of Libria. Besides the music, we have always been good friends. I also played guitar in live concerts and recorded studio albums with SPECTRA*Paris  – all-female electro-pop-rock band of Elena Alice Fossi (Kirlian Camera) –  and Kirlian Camera – electro-dark wave project co-leaded by Elena Alice Fossi and Angelo Bergamini.

You did collaborate as well with The Way Of Purity, as far as I read.
Yes, I collaborated for orchestration and arrangements of The Way Of Purity latest album “The Majesty of your Becoming”.

Is Libria splitted up or in the future there will be other releases?
At present Libria is not splitted up,  it’is in “standby position”. I think in the future there will be other releases, but I honestly don’t know when…

What message do you have for the supporters?
I would like to thank all the fans all over the world, all the people that suported Libria and my music. I send you all a message quoting a sentence taken from ’’Space Blue’’: ’’Look away from the lighthouse and follow the stars!’’

Thank you Marianna for your time, cheers!
Thank you Carla, all the best!

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