Interview about Dome Studio with David Potvin (One Way Mirror, Phaze I, Lyzanxia)

This is the 4th time I am speaking with David Potvin (One Way Mirror, Phaze I, Lyzanxia), but this time we were not talking about the bands and about Dome Studio that he and his brother, Franck own.


Hello David, nice talking with you again, hope everything is fine there. We had three interviews before talking about your bands: One Way Mirror, Phaze I and Lyzanxia, but this time let’s talk about Dome Studio, a studio you and your brother Franck own. When did you found this studio?
Hello Carla! Nice to talk to you again! Looks like we won’t have any secrets for you after this new interview, haha! The Dome studio was born in 2005 when we recorded the debut album of our band Phaze I. Then we used it to make pre-productions of Lyzanxia and One-Way Mirror. We really like to produce music, that’s why in 2007 we decided to open the studio for other bands.

Your three bands albums were recorded here, of course, but name the other bands that have stepped into your studio to record their albums/EP’s.
Yes, we produced some Lyzanxia, One-Way Mirror and Phaze I albums. Since we work with other bands we met a lot of great musicians. We produced many albums for French bands like Arcania, T.A.N.K, Kronos, Abysse, Beyond The Styx, Under The Abyss, Holding Sand, Drakwald, Kilø… and plenty of EPs. We mainly work with French bands for the moment but we’re looking to work with foreign bands, like Blood Rain Evening From Bali (Indonesia) for which we worked on the mix of their second EP.


Which was the first band that entered to record in the studio?
The first band since 2007 was Barback, they used to play Thrash Metal with French vocals at the time. Now they have a new singer and they sing in English. Check out this band!

What are the main genres you met in your studio?
Mainly Metal and Rock: Thrash, Death, Progressive, Hardcore, Pagan, Symphonic, Alternative, Brutal Death, Grindcore…

Let’s talk about the studio equipement, what’s in there?
We have a Protools HD, good microphones, an old customized analogic console, some great amps and cabinets, Gibson guitars… We mainly mix everything in the box with plugins which is easier if you want to work on the mix again several weeks after you started the -production. You can find the complete list on our site.

What’s the studio price kit?
We do some packages including the recording/mixing/mastering considering the work to do on the album or the EP. We also do packages with mix only, or re-amping + mix + mastering for example… The prices are very affordable, the best is to contact us directly.

Is there anyone else beside you two helping with producing, mixing etc?
Not really, we produce everything by ourselves.


Speaking a little about you, when did you discover the passion for music?
I’ve always been passioned by music. Our father is a musician and we grew up with plenty of instruments and a home studio in our parent’s basement. We visited the biggest studios in Paris at the age of 10 and that’s probably why we work in this business now.

What else do you want to mention about the Dome Studio or maybe the bands?
We do heavy sound at the Dome Studio! Take a look to the latest One-Way Mirror video if you want to take an ear to what we do:

Well thank you David again for this interview, always my pleasure talking with you. All the best and hope to see you soon! Maybe we will find other subjects to talk!
Thanks again for this 4th interview, thanks for the support and talk to you soon!



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