Concert Report: EXODUS & LOST SOCIETY; Seinäjoki, Finland 2016


Report by: Samuli Keskitalo

Photos by: Anneli Keski-Petäjä PhotographySamuli Keskitalo Photography See more photos at their sites linked above.


Thrash metal is one of those genres I started to listening to first when I got into metal music. Anyway, I haven’t been to a pure thrash metal show for awhile, and somehow I’ve missed all those Exodus shows in Finland during the last few years. Rob Dukes has been the vocalist in Exodus during these times but with the newest record Steve Souza came back to Exodus. Steve ”Zetro” Souza, who sings on the Blood In Blood Out record is as good and rageful as he was on the old records and he is my favorite singer in Exodus. I was very glad to have had a chance now to see Exodus with him on vocals. Their Blood In Blood Out European Tour started a few weeks ago and after the shows in the UK and in other northern countries they landed in Finland.

_DSC9883Lost Society from Jyväskylä, Finland has been the support band on this tour and of course also in Finland. This group has been like a big rocket these last few years and making their way straight to the thrash metal heaven’s top and recently made their third full-length album. Lost Society kicked off the night absolutely amazing and made a big blast. The front row fans were pretty much in a trance, when the young thrashers started with a huge energy and the frontman Samy Elbanna ran wild on the stage, sang like a maniac and took the crowd nicely into a show.  In my opinion, in I Am The Antidote song we heard the nicest guitar solo of the night by Samy. Very great way to start the night. And like Steve from Exodus said that night about Lost Society: ”They are the future!”.



DSC_0298I liked Blood In Blood Out very much, when it came out and I still do. Exodus started their part of the night straight with Black 13 and the title track  from the new album. After that it continued with a classic song from the debut album And Then There Were None. A nice way to set a very good mood to the audience. It also seemed when Then There Were None was played it was with a little bit slower tempo in recent years, and also this night it seemed that way, but it was only a good thing. Some songs feel better nowadays, when the bands play them not so fast, as they did on the original records in 80’s.

Children Of A Worthless God has always been one of my favorite songs from Rob Duke’s era. And that song felt just asDSC_0112 good live as it does from the record. Pleasures Of The Flesh is the oldest album with Steve Souza as a singer, and from that one they played only the song called Deranged. Same thing was with Fabulous Disaster album. Maybe Exodus wants to nowadays keep the selists pretty much into the Bonded By Blood classic era but I wouldn’t have minded if they would have played just a few more from those previously mentioned albums. Maybe next time.

Exodus played yet another two songs from Blood In Blood Out, which were Body Harvest and Salt The Wound. Right after, singer Souza said, that the rest of the night will just go on with the classics. The night went forward with a very good mood with the songs like A Lesson In Violence, Piranha, War Is My Shepherd and Blacklist. There seemed like there were some problems with the sound here and there in some parts, but it’s just a part of the game. Impaler ended the main setlist and in the encore we heard Bonded By Blood, The Toxic Waltz and Strike Of The Beast.

Overall Exodus was in very good shape. Gary Holt has been in the last few years partially  away from Exodus, because of Slayer, but Kragen Lum took over his parts very well in my opinion. Nothing to complain about at all. All the riffs played by him sounded just like it was meant to be. And special points to Tom Hunting behind his drum kit. One of my favorite drummers in thrash metal played his drum fills and comps with a massive touch and feeling.




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