Interview Athene Noctua

Interview about Athene Noctua, one-man Black metal band.


Greetings. Thank you for contacting me having this interview. You are a one-man Black metal band, when did you decide you form this project?
Hello. The pleasure is mine. The idea of the project was conceived in the summer of 2012. After several attempts with other one-man projects, that, I may say, more or less failed, I thought that what would be ideal is a project based entirely on Romanian mythology, which by itself and through its dedication, is an authentic testament of its sheer originality and continuity forged by the environment and life of the entire Romanian people and its historic branches, a historic account of cultural creativity and ingenious creation.

Looks like in 2013 you have released four albums. Tell me about them.
Indeed, i have released several albums by the Athene Noctua project, however their play time is comparable to that of LPs, considering that I had rushed into it, I ignored dead air and structured my mythology-inspired ideas in such a manner as to include as many of them as possible. Thus, I can say that the project was reborn somewhere in February 2015 when I started composing the first album in the true sense.

In February this year you have released a new album, the fifth one under the name of ”I. Cugetarea Mitica”. Tell me about it.
True. It was a complex process. First of all, the idea is a broad one, that evokes distant thoughts, which one can feel in the structure and diversity of the compositions. Second, i tried to use both classical music elements, orchestral complexes, different ambiences -to have the listener transcend, to take them as close as possible to the mythological concept- and, of course, black metal elements of the more or less atmospheric nature. The album contains 4 tracks, the last of which is a  cover entitled “Black Moon Overture”, the original song belonging to Nokturnal Mortum. I have also taken part in the “22 years among the sheep” tribute compilation, but at that time, the song i sent them was a different version, which made me re-record it and add it on my own album.

What are all the lyrical themes around Athene Noctua. Also what about the influences?
As I mentioned before, the themes are influenced by Romanian mythology as each album will be a conceptual one. For example, i’m currently working on a second album entitled “II. Mitologia Sortii” (n.t. “The Mythology of Fate”). The lyrics are created by me, inspired by various Romanian poets but also by folkloric sources.

Have you ever had concerts? 
I have not tried yet. For the time being, Athene Noctua is a one-man band project an will probably stay that way for a long time. However, I’m considering finding people interested in the genre and the concept in the future, so there probably be some concerts as well at a certain point. Of course, there will also be guests. For example, I was very impressed by Andrei Oltan’s (of E-an-na) whistle and pipe performance and Sorina Ghita voice and keyboard play on I. Cugetarea Mitica.

Why did you choose the name of Athene Noctua, does it represents something to you?
In the binomial nomenclature, Athene Noctua represents the scientific term for the strix, a bird that has also become somewhat of a symbol. The name comes from Latin but roughly translated it stands for “wisdom of the night”.

What feedback have you got from listeners?
I’m pleased with the listener’s opinions and I am very grateful to them, especially since among them there are several individuals who have morally supported me so that I may complete the album, that I may find my courage, so to speak.

Looks like you are not signed to any label, would you like to sign with a label and release the future albums?
I haven’t signed yet but I plan to do so in the future.

What else do you want to add about Athene Noctua?
There is a lot to say about the project itself. There will be numerous follow-up albums, each in its own time. What is certain is that this is what I want to do and leave something behind at the same time.

Thx again for your time. All the best with your music project!
Thank you for the interview and all the best to you. Cheers!




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